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Nov 19, 2012


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Looking forward to the road trip to Nebraska.

formerly gt

I think this could be a lose/lose proposition.

granted Md fans are pompous asses. they haven't supported their football program over time (avg 36k fans this year) they haven't controlled their finances. and now they see joining the big 10 as their salvation.

The move may provide them with more money, but i cannot see them being more successful in sports competition. if they cannot win in football in the ACC how are they going to win in the big 10? at best the move is a wash in basketball. also i would think that the long travel times will have a negative effect on the olympic sports teams.

but this is not good news for the ACC. it has the potential to destabilize and destroy the conference.

i just hope the ACC sticks to its guns and gets the whole $50 million exit fee,


Maryland sucks.

Account Deleted

I'm torn of course and lamenting the end of what we grew up with in the 70s and into the 80s as a tight-knit basketball conference. Those Adrian Branch versus Ralph Sampson Md-UVa games were a good balance to the Big 4 back in the day.

But looking forward, I can see the ACC becoming a true Atlantic coast conference by taking in (as is rumored) UConn and maybe expanding into the rest of the Big East footprint. I'll take UConn, St. Johns, Georgretown and 'Nova into the basketball fold any day.

I don't watch ACC football so I have no opinions there.


I would prefer a school that plays basketball and football. That is the extent of my preference.

And yes Muraland does suck.


Home to two of the most entertaining coaches we have ever seen, Driesell and Williams.

sean coon

this is why i watch pro sports. when players and teams make business decisions, there's no ill will.

boeheim will probably retire before playing an ACC tourney in greensboro.

all said, this was a good bottom line, recruitment and enrollment move by both rutgers and maryland.

Andrew Brod

Ditto on the pro sports, and meh on big-time college athletics.


I think King James experienced some ill will for "The Decision".
Colts leaving Baltimore, Browns leaving Cleveland, Dodgers leaving Brooklyn .... blah blah blah.

Danny Wright

For those of us interested in other sports, like men's soccer, this is like Alabama or Florida leaving the SEC. The best soccer conference in the nation just lost one of its most important teams. Anyway, I bet Maryland lax, if they only had 6 home games a year, would outdraw Maryland football.


Another point... The BIG Ten does not officially have men or womens lacrosse. Only a few Big Ten schools have D1 lacrosse programs. Mayhaps all the ACC schools including ND and Syracuse should shun The Terps. Let's see no games vs Duke, VA, UNC, ND, Syracuse.. Ouch.

I am sure the pwers that be took all this into account. Good luck to Maryland... you are gonna need it.

formerly gt

"all said, this was a good bottom line, recruitment and enrollment move by both rutgers and maryland."

seriously? md sucks in football in the ACC. and they'll suck more in the Big 10.

at best basketball will be a wash. soccer is a loser. lacrosse is a big loser.

in 10 years the athletics dept may be in better financial shape, but Md sports will be irrelevant.

and the real student athletes (olympic and women's sports) will be spending their college years on a bus.

"this is why i watch pro sports. when players and teams make business decisions, there's no ill will."

again. seriously?

sean coon

@gt - yes, seriously. maryland may not be able to compete right away with the big ten schools, but the big ten is the best division in college football (reputation wise; i do realize the SEC is the current standard bearer regarding results). they're positioned perfectly moving forward. soccer and lacrosse aren't revenue generating sports. do you really believe that syracuse, johns hopkins, duke, etc. wouldn't move to a bigger/better football conference because of the impact on their lacrosse programs? there aren't many universities in a position to act like that.

personally, i don't root for the "traditions" of conferences anymore, as the final results of my alma mater (syracuse) is all i care about. now, if you had asked me about the big east conference when i was 16, living a stones throw away from MSG and big east basketball was in full swing, sure, i would've cared immensely. i was a st. john's fanatic and georgetown, syracuse, providence, seton hall, etc. were all mortal enemies. the same thing was true while i actually went to school in onondaga county.

the thing is, i'm not a kid anymore. over the years, i've seen the conference that i grew up with gain & lose teams purely for the reasons i've stated in my previous comment. if you still believe that tradition trumps the bottom line—particularly in college athletics—then you're bound to be bitching and moaning every few years, if not have your sports heart broken outright. in the end, ACC fans should be happy with a swap of syracuse, pitt and notre dame for maryland and be grateful that the conference didn't swing the other way by losing multiple top teams and only gaining one.

@mick - lebron was despised due to the manner in which he made his "decision," not for the freedom he had to make such a decision. the backlash wasn't an indictment of how pro sports operates, just how a poorly advised 25 year-old operated. furthermore, more than ten teams cleared cap room in 2010 to make a pitch to james in free agency. every single fan of those teams, and others, wanted him on their roster. NBA fan reactions for the last two years following james' move to south beach didn't resemble "pro-sports ill will"; it was more like schadenfreude. many more superstars over the years have moved via free agency without creating such vitriol—albert pujols comes to mind—and for those who do, like shaq out of orlando in '96, they are offered better deals elsewhere and take it. as an adult, i understand the concept; fans that don't need to stop face painting and get a life.

as far as teams leaving in the middle of the night, the browns to baltimore was horrible, as was seattle to OKC (there were straight up lies involved there), but that wasn't the case with the colts to indy or the dodgers to los angeles. sure, those situations sucked for the fans and residents of the area, but if you read the actual stories of what went down, they were rational business decisions by owners of a business. unfortunately, their fans got screwed by the politics of the situation.

even with these blights on professional sports, such moments occur at 1/100th the rate of college teams moving conferences for a better bottom line.

aside from the better product on the court/field, i appreciate pro sports being a transparent balance of the pursuit of a chip and the bottom line. meanwhile, NCAA football and basketball promote themselves as being about the student athlete, tradition and pure competition, while really being much more about universities raking in enough cash to support their entire athletic department and pay multi-million dollar coaching salaries while treating their athletes like minimum wage employees. even the graduation rate—check out #1 notre dame this year, the one time standard bearer for universities and student athletes—is becoming less and less important, if not irrelevant, due to the pressures of generating income via competition.

Ed Cone

Fans don't think tradition trumps the bottom line, we just want it to.

The Big East tradition hardly merits the name. Yes, it was briefly a great basketball conference, but only that. Nobody grew uo on their grandparent's rivalry stories. To dismiss so casually what people here feel is to misunderstand it.

Hopkins is DIII in sports other than lax and would not do anything to endanger that program.

And there is plenty of ill will over business decisions in pro sports, just less bs about non-business motives.

Sports fandom, and thus sports business, is built on more than appreciation of the games themselves, and nobody buys a jersey because Bob from accounting had a great season. You mess with that passion at some risk.

formerly gt

From the N&O - Luke DeCock

The ACC without Maryland is like a car without a spare tire. Life goes on unabated. About all the Terrapins have brought to the ACC table over the past decade is tradition, and if that doesn't matter to Maryland, why should it matter to the ACC?

If Maryland felt disregarded and overlooked in the ACC, wait until it gets a look at life in the Big Ten. All those checks from the Big Ten Network aren't going to change the fact that Maryland will be as relevant to its new conference home as a third nipple.

Andrew Brod

As tasty as those sour grapes are, the fact (and I consider it a sad fact) is that Maryland will be valuable to the Big Ten-Or-Whatever-We're-Up-To-Now as a beachhead on a key east-coast media market.

sean coon

sorry, ed, but the big east is still a great basketball conference... well, that is until syracuse, pitt and notre dame join the ACC next year. speaking of the ACC, the 30 year head start on the big east didn't exactly produce any type of dominance. aside from the '57 UNC and '74 NCState championships, the "tradition" must've been based on golly gee whiz great games.

my personal take on college athletics is that, as an adult, i probably wouldn't follow it if i didn't have an alma mater. people "growing up on their grandparent's rivalry stories" is a strange tradition to me. out of every story passed onto me by my grandparents, rivalry stories didn't rank at all, but that's probably because my grandfathers didn't go to college and my one grandmother that did was an educator and an artist. similarly, i wasn't a legacy undergraduate, following the footsteps of my family as opposed to my aspirations. i guess some people do. that tradition is completely foreign to me, but i don't question the research department that drove the editorial staff of edcone.com to take this position. i'm sure it exists.

the "bob from accounting" metaphor is way overplayed with maryland's move. what, you think alumni are going to stop following them, taking weekends in maryland for games with college buds, just because they switched conferences? you think boosters are going to stop... boostering? the hemming and hawing will end soon enough and terrapin life will get back to being about winning basketball championships and making money on football.

Ed Cone

Sean, of course MD boosters and fans are going to keep at it (at least for now, businesses and brands aren't perpetual) although I'd guess many are not crazy about this move.

But for me, at least, this thread is less about MD fans than ACC fans, and fans of particular teams and schools who have found their fandom enriched by conference traditions.

That's not your personal take on college athletics, fine. But the ACC is (was) meaningful to many people and we're kind of bummed about what's happening.

formerly gt

"the fact (and I consider it a sad fact) is that Maryland will be valuable to the Big Ten-Or-"

that's the point Andrew. Maryland mismanaged their athletics program so badly that they had to cut 7 sports this year. Because of their poor financial situation, they've been more or less forced to make a change.

The Big 10 certainly benefits from Maryland through expanded TV markets. They figure that more cable systems in the NE will carry the BTN network and they'll make more money from subscriber fees and advertising.

But, what does Maryland get out of the deal? A better financial position. Probably. Reduced success in revenue sports. I think likely. Much longer travel times for non-revenue sports and less attractive competition for sports they value such as lacrosse and soccer. definitely.

as for sour grapes, aside from the potential to split the ACC, most ACC fans could care less that Maryland is leaving. The ACC hasn't been the same since the post-FSU expansion. And Maryland is about as loved as South Carolina was in the early 70's.

sean coon

if i had even a smidgen of romanticism regarding conference rivalries and affiliations, it readily deteriorated when the ACC plucked virginia tech, miami and boston college from the big east in the mid-2000's. toss in syracuse, notre dame and pitt into the mix, and i have an extremely hard time sympathizing with the emotions of the ACC fan. sorry if it stings, ed.


The Big 10 has been on a mission to become a superconference and be in control of the footbal bowls/playoffs/championship/dollars, because they are not under any control of the NCAA.

Four football superconferences would be exactly what they want.


"The Big 10 has been on a mission to become a superconference and be in control of the footbal bowls/playoffs/championship/dollars, because they are not under any control of the NCAA."

Big Ten Network=Big Deal=Big Maryland benefits.

And there are great big bunches of Mid Atlantic based Big 10 alumni and fans who like the Maryland and Rutgers deal.

This works thing for many different reasons.


Try "works things", "thing works". Either one "works".

Ed Cone

It doesn't sting that you don't care about what people are gathered here to mourn, Sean. Not everyone is interested in the same things. It just seems a little odd to show up at a wake to talk trash about the departed, and then keep repeating it.

The lamentations predate this move by several years, and expansion and raiding were among the things that made long-time ACC fans unhappy.

We had something good here, and I don't think most of us idealized it unrealistically (at least as adults), but we enjoyed it. Maybe that makes us chumps, and, also, our favorite bands all suck.


Elmore /Lucas vs. Burleson/DT=EPIC. Poor ole tar holes were only top 5.

Worst person on the internet

Yeah, Sean, we didn't particularly care when Lebron left Cleveland but we didn't stick your nose in it (please don't go searching for that thread).

sean coon

haha. this is a wake? my bad. i'll leave my brownies on the counter and leave. wow. so melodramatic.

btw, great showing tonight against butler, all you not-UNC alumni fans.

Account Deleted

Best Maryland moment in the ACC.

Second best. Remember he's reverse dunking on a seven-foot shot blocking specialist.

sean coon

len bias... now that's a reason to mourn and hold a wake. such a waste of talent and humanity.

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