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Nov 19, 2012


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He also has my support, which should doom his prospects.


And mine. Also a KoD.

Good luck TW!

sal leone

I will say that I know I have a far shot at the seat but there are two people of interest to me on the list. Brad Walker and Tony Wilkins. I live across from Brad and cant say that he has been nonthing but friedly to me, Tony Wilkins also is a strong candidate who has a long history in politics and has a lot of roots and history in Greensboro. So if I had to pick one, it would have to be Tony Wilkins, nonthing bad about Brad but Tony has worked in politics for the party and given his time in. I read Hardisters letter and I can say that it is all true. I have not heard anything bad about Tony and I have looked.


"cant say that he has been nonthing but friedly to me".

Please stop polishing your gun and badge long enough to translate in English, please.


FEC, we got to work on your social skills or people skills. I am trying to be a friend to you. I always seem to read you either cutting me down or someone else. I spell fast but the message is clear, Brad has been friendly and polite to me since he moved in, but I am looking at the total picture. The fact is that Tony and Brad are front runners and I am a third place finish at best since I have no support on council. I think if I don't get it then Tony Wilkins is the guy, he has paid his dues, worked hard for the party, goes to meetings and like myself cares for Greensboro.
So FEC lets be cool with one another, I got no problem with you and agree on things that you post here and there.


You did say "cant".



Tdub was just ordained Guilford County's biggest loser in 2012.

Now that the citizens have said "NO" to Tony Wilkins - he is deemed by you to be the best option?

Where's the logic in that??


New store, new position, new year. Let the run continue for TW.





George Hartzman

i believe whoever gets it shouldn't run for the seat next year.

worst  person on the internet

Prediction: TW's star rapidly rises, only to be shot down by time-honored rumors well planted by political enemies painting him as no longer the candidate of the common man.

sal leone

Hi, really, not sure of your name but the list is what it is, Tony has spent time in politics and knows the game. I don't think I can get 5 votes on council, lucky to get one. So with the names on the list getting smaller, its Tony and Brad. Tony has spent his life here in greensboro and be active in politics, as per Brad I think if he spends a few years paying some dues here in greensboro he might win an office.

By the Fec, I still like you and lunch is on me.


Have lunch with Sal, Fec.


You have lunch with him. I'd accidentally call him Barney or Festis and he'd shoot me with his old gun.


I would love to sit nearby to listen in
and then get his post impression.

A Tazmanian Devil with a smaller chin he may think.

sal leone

I am ok with things FEC. If you get to know me, I dont hold any anger. I spend life trying to laugh because the other option is crying.


sal leone

Well I might of heard wrong but Walker took his name out of the Dist 5 seat. I know that Walker will be elected to office sooner rather then later, he is learning and with sometime will be a good candidate. I know his heart is with people and he will do right where ever he runs. He will get the chance to pay his dues in Greensboro, I think he has paid his dues to god already with his work. I think if Walker decides to run for county Comm he will do real well.
But as per the Dist 5 seat right now it seems like Tony is the front runner. I like to get it myself but Tony is a strong candidate with many ties to the community and local politics.


If Walker associates himself with C4GC, I will screw him rhetorically until his political nose bleeds.

sal leone

I am not 100% sure what association he has with C4GC but his church has a few members, but in his defense the church has about 3,000 members. The best way to find out is to ask him, I am sure he will be honest about it. I watched the video from last night he mentioned paying his dues, I wonder if that was a jab at comments made on here. I felt for the guy last night but he is new to the politcal world, I am sure if he attends more meetings at council, attends the GOP meetings, helps out on others elections then he will be a hard to beat. The guy can talk, he does care for people and his work proves it. I will be honest and say that I am shocked he is a rep when he seems like a dem.
The seat right now will more then likely be filled with TW. The guy has a history with the GOP and we will see if he can get 5 votes.
Politics is crazy for sure.


If Walker received an endorsement from the GCGOP, fine. But we know you're carrying water for C4GC.

sal leone

Who is caring water.

sal leone

Sorry, fast type, it should read who is carrying water


Don't try to deny you hang out with strippers and hypocrites. I have proof.


Guilt by association?


If Jodi wrote an article which included my name,
and Guarino followed up on the same subject using my name,
am I Christian?
"The mind of a bigot is like the pupil of the eye
the more light you pour upon it the more it will contract"

Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.
Does insult echo insecurity?

Why are some strongly partial to some groups
religions, races or political philosophies
while intolerant of differing dogmas beliefs or opinions?

Why do some Tibetans and Uighurs
dislike most Han Chinese?

Why were women denied the right to vote until 1920?

If ignorance breeds fear and fear breeds bigotry
does bigotry breed hate?

Why do some Muslim Kosovars
hate most Christian Serbs?

"It is not bigotry to be certain we are right
but it is bigotry to be unable to imagine
how we might possibly have gone wrong"

G K Chesterton
Should we hate, slur, scapegoat, resent, envy, stigmatize
or stereotypically generalize when threatened?

1. Stereotyping often results from, and leads to,
prejudice and bigotry.

2. Unchecked prejudice and bigotry leads to discrimination.

3. Prejudice can be spread by the use of propaganda
and inflamed by demagogues.


That's nice coming from the guy who considers every citizen, public or private, to be colluding for unfair advantage.


"That's nice coming from the guy who considers every citizen,
public or private, to be colluding for unfair advantage."

"every citizen"?

Seems like have the unusual habit of naming specific persons.


Marlene Sanford. Robbie Perkins. Nancy Hoffman.

TREBIC for illegal lobbying.

Greensboro Partnership for Crony Capitalism.

DGI for the same.

Betty Cone.

Ross Harris.

Roy Carroll.

I believe these folks and the institutions they control
collude for unfair advantage.

Where have I said "every citizen"?
A "stereotype" is a generalization about a person or group of persons. We develop stereotypes when we are unable or unwilling to obtain all of the information we would need to make fair judgments about people or situations.

When we judge people and groups based on our prejudices and stereotypes and treat them differently, we are engaging in discrimination.
complete the following sentences, then break up into small groups to compare their answers and discuss if there is any prejudice and bigotry in their answers or in those of their classmates, as well as what factors (e.g., television, newspapers, friendships, attitudes of their parents) may have contributed to such prejudice:
a) All athletes are

b) People on welfare are all

c) He's a cheap

d) Drugs are used by virtually

e) All homosexuals are

f) All politicians are

g) All people with AIDS are

h) All people who sleep on grates are

i) All Christian Fundamentalists are

j) All male hairdressers are

k) All male ballet dancers are

l) All Jewish mothers are

m) All Harvard graduates are

n) All construction workers are

o) He's so dumb, he must be

p) He's so smart, he must be

q) He's quick-tempered, so he must be

r) He drinks like a fish, so he must be

s) He likes watermelon, and so does every


Show me some charges, indictments and arrest. You have nothing.

George Hartzman

you forgot about the difference between right and wrong fec. everything hitler did was legal. where r your scruples?


Sorry, but I'm not answerable to someone so completely devoid of objectivity.


You already used that one a couple of says ago.


Those who eliminated RUCO
and others who didn't lift a finger to save it.

Harmed poor renters state wide.

Are you not a landlord Fec?

Where are your RUCO posts?


Not "every citizen" just the folks he comes in contact with, talks to or disagree with. So not really every citizen. Did Hoggard not recently make the ever growing LIST?

As he so beautifully illustrated above.


It was my understanding the tenants of this state were already protected from unwarranted inspections as an invasion of privacy. How did upholding those rights for Greensboro affect anyone else?


Poison picked.

I never knew how much you commented at Hoggard's
back when he threw the pool your way Mick.


"Don't try to deny you hang out with strippers and hypocrites. I have proof."- Fec

As opposed to hanging out with drunks and parasites living off the wife's hard labor. You know, the handout queens.

sal leone

That was an interesting one, Sittinginmiddle. I am wishing everyone a good thanksgiving, even you fec.



I commented at lots of sites about the pool as well as other subjects. But you knew that. Remember, you called me a "whore" one time.

Sure am glad you have found a way for your kids to play their sports of choice exclusively on private facilities. We appreciate your non-hypocritical approach to life that way.

Hoggard didnt throw anything. I dont think he had quite that much power.


BTW.... More for your conspiracy laden mind.... I've known Hoggard for 20+ years... The horrors. I've actually been in his house a couple times..... gasp. Went to a Derby Party there one time..... I used to live about a block from him ..... Of course all of this was when my sophomore in college was about 4 years old. But one hand washes the other... right Abner?


"Hoggard didn't throw anything."

The silent campaign

By DHOGGARD | Published: NOVEMBER 4, 2008

"As Greensboro’s voters go to the polls today and decide upon the fate of several bonds,
I thought now would be a safe time to fess up.

The other day, a N&R reporter called me up to find out what was up with the seemingly non-existent campaign to get the $20 million Parks & Recreation bond passed. I told her that I could only speak for myself, but as a P&R Commissioner I did what I could do for the cause...

I was less than forthcoming about everything I knew.

Back in, I think it was, August, shortly after the city council surprisingly allotted a $20M bond for the P&R Department and then took up $12M of it with a proposed “Regional Swim Center“, as P&R Commission chairman, I attended a meeting of the bond’s “stakeholders”.

...Discussions from the swim folks centered around how to make the third time a charm and how fortunate they were to have the facility listed under the umbrella of a Parks & Recreation bond (multi-item P&R bonds always get voter approval… stand alone facility bonds, not so much). They wanted to know how to best promote passage of the $12M swim center, which was up for its third pitch with two strikes against.

After listening for awhile to brains that were storming away,
I finally chimed in and offered how P&R bonds have a nearly 100% voter approval record
because citizens know that the department is judicious in what it asks for
and then provides great results for the money allotted.

“So“, said I, “if you really want this bond to pass… be quiet.

Don’t promote the swim center at all this time around.

If you do, it could doom our entire bond.”

The swim center promoters apparently agreed."

David Hoggard
Hush for money

By DHOGGARD | Published: NOVEMBER 6, 2008

"The strategy of silence I mentioned a couple of days ago
that was implemented to get the P&R bond passed,
despite the presence of the $12M – now we can say it – natatorium,
received some N&R ink this morning.

P&R Director Bonnie Kuester confirmed the simple reasoning for the strategy
when she told reporter Amanda Lehmert
“…in her 40 years with the department,
a parks and recreation bond referendum has never failed.”
"Deception?… hardly.

By DHOGGARD | Published: JANUARY 1, 2009

"Nothing like starting the New Year off with a public call for your resignation.

A woefully misinformed Mr. Steve Parker writes in today’s N&R:
“I find it sad indeed that the people of Greensboro are not asking for the resignations
of those members of the Parks and Recreation Commission
who scammed residents out of $12 million…”

...It was only after the bond’s contents where set by the Council that this Commissioner
– and this Commissioner only
– recommended that the swim center folks lay low lest the issue,
which had failed twice before..."
"as P&R Commission chairman"
How can it be a conspiracy if Mr. Hoggard admitted to it?

It wasn't a conspiracy for you to support the pool Mick,
is was in your self interest.
"Hoggard didnt throw anything.

I dont think he had quite that much power."

"as P&R Commission chairman"

David Hoggard
I believe you may be kidding yourself Mick.


whore (hôr, hr)
1. A prostitute.
3. A person considered as having compromised principles for personal gain.
I apologize for calling Mick a whore.

It appears Mick did not compromise his principles
but acted upon them to get him and his
about $35 million from everyone else
including principal, interest and upkeep.

I believe it will be significantly more eventually
as evidenced from Grimsley HS's pool situation.


Are softball and soccer fields revenue neutral? Are there costs involved with maintenance? How red is the Park and Rec budget? Includes numerous ball fields I would think. Dont your kids play soccer and softball on public fields or am I mistaken? Why do you get public facilities and swimmers dont? How many public softball and soccer fields are there in town? How many public competitive pools? When was the last one before GAC built. How many soccer and softball facilities built in that time period with public funds? How many national or regional level softball events in town recently or planned? Can anyone show up at a public soccer field or softball field and start playing? Can one rent time at Carolyn Allen Field or the fields over by Smith?



There is no defense against McCarthyism or ,argument from ignorance, a logical fallacy, other than naming it and disengagement.


How many softball and soccer fields were funded by a lie?

Fec, if you are going to use adjectives,
how about pointing out to what they apply.

Otherwise you're not saying anything, again.


November 23, 2012 1:13 pm
“it is your responsibility to provide evidence of misinterpretation of property values.”
I am trying to do so, but the county is withholding the information.
“whackjobs who fail to make sense.”
What doesn’t make sense Fec?

November 23, 2012 1:14 pm
You’re done here.


Tony Wilkins

Could you guys please start talking about me again?
I'm feeling so left out.

Steve Harrison

You're too straight-laced, Tony. You need to do something more suspicious, like declare your intent to start a monorail project (North Haverbrook has one), or register an LLC with NC Secretary of State (TW Development Corp).

I'll tell you more after we discuss my consulting fee.


You are obviously not EEEVIIILLLL enough.


Oooh. I got one. Get appointed to a seat of some sort and and then have the audacity to run for that seat after the current term is up. MuuuHAHAHAHAHA!

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