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Nov 29, 2012


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Account Deleted

It's not giving me that problem in Chrome. Could be a cache deal maybe? Also, I am enjoying their mobile app while they work the kinks out of the site.

Ed Cone

Same problem on iPad.

formerly gt

"It's not giving me that problem in Chrome"

Chrome is probably auto-filling.


Could be cache, could be DNS propagating (that's what we tell people), and formerly, I have auto-filling turned off in Chrome. Mine is now auto-redirecting to the "www" site in Chrome (last known good, I guess, re-applied), and that's definitely good cache.

Account Deleted

Mine was auto-fill. What would we do without Google to think for us?


The site is atrocious. The clip art, used just about everywhere, is worse.

What a waste.


Same problem with Firefox.


Here too, on Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera and Dolphin. It's easy to fix.

Peggy Hickle

Happening to me on Firefox, too, but my colleague, also using Firefox, doesn't have the problem. Her Firefox autofills the www, while mine autofills http://, but no www. She goes to the site; I go to Ed's oblivion.

I wonder if Al Gore has these problems.

Nancy Vaughan

I found the easiest way to search the N&R is through the Gso Public Library website. You need a library card.

Click on "Databases and Online Services"
Click on News & Record
It will ask for your library card number.
You can search (free of charge) articles for the last 15 years (maybe longer).

The website has a lot of external content. Check it out! (no pun intended)

Ed Cone

Best N&R search not via N&R site tells you something not good about N&R site.


I got an email last night from an editor at another paper that is undergoing a redesign, had read about the N&R's problems and said, "Please tell me how we can avoid a disaster like this." If the individual hadn't been a good and longtime friend, I'd've spent this morning negotiating a consultant's deal. As it is, from what was shared with me about their efforts to date and their plans leading up to soft launch (!) later this spring, they're in no danger anyway.


Isn't the obvious advice to first hire someone who knows how to build websites? The N&R illustrates perfectly the problem of people in charge who don't know how to do what they are directing to be done.


Peter principle in action.

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