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Nov 25, 2012


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And the local business section is pathetic. Where will we ever see a investigative report that will go beyond 4 paragraphs and maybe be a 2 part series.

Ed Cone

Local business coverage has been a serious hole in the N&R's game for many years. That was I believe a conscious decision, rationalized by claiming that business news would be covered as needed in the general news hole. But huge and meaningful local stories, including some of national importance (e.g. United Guaranty's $multi-billion bubble-pop) have been largely ignored. And a lot of what they do in terms of business coverage is single-source stuff that tends to shill for the company being covered.

That said, today's look at tight times for NC hospitals was well done, timely, and on an important topic.

Andrew Brod

Last year I let my print subscription lapse, but in doing so I subscribed to the e-edition. Google-proofing aside, it works pretty well. The first thing I do anyway on weekday mornings is climb on a computer. On weekends, I've gotten used to plopping my laptop on the kitchen table to read the paper at breakfast. That might work better if I ever get around to buying a tablet.

That said, it'll be nice if the coming upgrade brings the N&R into the modern world. Do we know if the site will be mobile-optimized?

sean coon

methinks the n&r has no idea what responsive design means, andrew.

Andrew Brod

I guess we'll find out on Tuesday.

Mad Dog

The week day paper at my house goes from the drive way to the recycle bin, usually unread. The Sunday edition gets read sometimes. At $180/year, I can spend my money more wisely. As for blogging/commenting under the new restrictions, well, I guess that ain't going to happen after Tuesday.

Mad Dog

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