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Nov 04, 2012


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sean coon

"nice try, but we know the proprietor is only releasing such information in order for tuesday's results to have less of a wounding impact than they would if our omnipotent host had chosen to ignore our victory. we know your agenda, the worldview behind it and your false position of a moral high ground."

- bubba


All of this seems to fly in the face of this reported yesterday:

"North Carolina

About 2.5 million people have voted, and 48 percent of them were Democrats and 32 percent of them were Republicans. Four years ago at this time, Democrats had a slightly larger lead over Republicans, and Obama won the early vote by 11 percentage points."

Guess we just won't know until all the votes are counted.


The Obama folks were just at my door. Third time since early voting began.

No Rommey folks have been here, ever. Maybe someone put a secret mark on my door.

Ed Cone

JC, volunteers in a GOTV effort are supposed to contact people who are likely to vote for their candidate, so your party registration or other info may put you on a do-not-knock list for Romney.


So…. *they* know!

Ed Cone

Both sides know. They're not going door to door at this point, they're going to specific doors.

Obama volunteers (at least some of them) can update voter info from their home computers to make the effort as efficient as possible.


Ed, it works the other way too. Romney folks are signed up as obama canvassers for certain neighborhoods then go out do the Romney thing instead.


Spoken for yourself, in the way only Seanie Drama can do, proving you have no idea what the informations tells you......just like your famed stock volume chart comment.

Don't give up your day job, son.


+1, Sean Coon. +1.

Andrew Brod

Ged, I don't see how the two reports conflict. The NCRP report doesn't say how many Dems and Repubs and Unaffs voted early, just how many more or less did so than in 2008. It reports a Dem-to-Repub swing of 118K votes, but the data in Ed's post don't provide enough context to say whether that's a lot or a little.

But if the HuffPo numbers are right, then 1.2 million early votes have been cast by Dems, in which case a loss of 55K early votes seems rather small. On the other hand, 55K is quite big relative to Obama's winning margin of 14K in 2008.

As you note, we won't know until we know.


"Don't give up your day job, son."

Are bubba and sean kin?

Ed Cone

Prell, all will be revealed in the new Star Wars movie.


Hugh's comment that Romney folks have infiltrated the ranks of the Obama canvassing machine ... is totally wack-o. And do these ringers falsify the reports that are returned? That all the registered Dems have, to a person, flipped?

Having been out there for several days, I can say it would be easier for a Wolfpacker to masquerade as a Tar Heel fan in the Dean Dome. You might get in a couple of whoops, but the lack of sincerity would be fatal.


Hugh, is that really the reality you inhabit? What put that notion into your head?

sean coon



Back into the basement little toads.


Roch, the story I have from a trusted source was of this happening in another state. There's no reason to believe it couldn't be done here. It leads Team Obama to believe certain neighborhoods have already been canvassed when the opposite is true.

From a tactical standpoint in dirty politics, it's brilliant.


A trusted source. Oh well then. Does the world seem contrary to the way you expect it should be a lot, Hugh?


Roch, on the contrary. Nothing surprises me anymore.


"Are bubba and sean kin?"

What? Are you implying that Seanie's a little bastard?

Shall we all go on Maury's show to settle it?

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