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Nov 16, 2012


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My practice is to avoid the NY airports at all costs.

Admittedly, that's difficult when one's destination is New York.

But, bad times at those airports echo through the system like a stuck car alarm. I sat at Cleveland for hours Monday trying to get back to RDU when the United aircraft intended to carry me was, first, late from LaGuardia and, then, presumably, allowed to vanish into the ether. Eventually, a smaller aircraft was flown up from Charlotte.

Even when you try to avoid LaGuardia, LaGuardia reaches out for you.

Brad Krantz

I missed Delta's acquisition of US Airways in the news. Please advise on when that happened. Or is my sense of humor degraded by years and years of being surrounded by rightwing talkradio?

Ed Cone

Thanks, Brad - I should have said Delta's acquisition of US Airways gates at LaGuardia, which transferred USA's GSO/LGA service to Delta. Fixed.

Andrew Brod

But it's still the case that Brad's sense of humor has been degraded.

Ed Cone

There's humor in a Major Media Personality from the QC slumming in the comments here, no?

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