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Nov 08, 2012


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The discussion at City Council last night on food trucks was one for the ages. Epic. Enjoy those trucks on Commerce for a few more weeks. Come Dec. 1 you'll be finding them (hopefully) in different locations around downtown.


Minutes aren't online yet, anybody know the vote breakdown on the food truck approval?


Was 6-2 (Abuzuaiter and Matheny were no votes)


Should clarify that a total of 3 votes were required to cover all the changes necessary to allow them to operate in the CBD and the motion included a promise to review the ordinance in 6 months.

Downtown restaurateurs and property owners showed up in force and let Council have it. They were not happy. DGI presented some flawed analysis of year over years sales from October 11 and October 12 showing sales at restaurants were down (which was then repeated by the restaurateurs) saying the ONLY thing that could explain the difference was the presence of food trucks.

I don't want to ruin it, but the video of the discussion should be required viewing.

Tony Wilkins

EC: "No place to sit and noise from multiple generators...".

Noise was certainly a factor on one of my trips. The generator at (not sure of the name...something like Big City Sandwich) had to be beyond any noise ordinance known to man. You had to yell your order and we had to go to the far end of the parking lot to converse.

The other days I've been there the noise was a little annoying but not such an issue.


Somebody should figure out a way to sell food and provide a place for customers to sit down out of the weather and without generator noise.


Watched (ish) the debate on Food Trucks. I sympathize with the downtown owners. But I thought Nancy had it right. All or nothing. And to the guy who said he wanted a "level playing field"... Obviously you dont.

I think Council has it right this time. Now if I can just get the Food trucks to show up other places besides downtown!

Tony Wilkins

LOL Patrick!


Darn it TW. I have misremembered the cool authenric Mexican place down your way. One mo time PAH-Lease. Sorry. I have the best intentions you know.

Name and Addy if you can.


Loud generators tend to be old. There's an entire generation of low-noise generators available.

Generator noise limits is one restriction that is reasonable for the tight confines of downtown.

If the vendor doesn't want to upgrade, there's always other parts of the city they can locate.


Sorry, same rules for all.

Jane T. Mitchell

Somebody should figure out a way to sell food and provide a place for customers to sit down out of the weather and without generator noise.
It's called a restaurant, a diner, a café, or a bistro.

Brian Clarey

Mick: Villa del Mar and Mercadito #2. I go almost every day.

Mad Dog

Anyone tried The Worx yet?



Thanks BC. Seen the pool lately? Coming along (finally).

Brian Clarey

Looks sweet!

Tony Wilkins

Carnicera El Mercadito, 103 Muirs Chapel Road, or Carnicera El Mercadito 2, 3821-A High Point Rd. (near Farmington).

Tacos con pollo, tacos asada, order them contodo. And watch for your eyes to roll back in your head.

Can't wait to hear your review, Mick.

Tony Wilkins

And oh by the way, if you want to visit the Muirs Chapel location I should be there around 12:30 on Monday. Went to the one off Farmington today.

I blame Ed Cone for my addiction.

Ed Cone

You're welcome, Tony.

My cousin Benjy introduced me to the original El Mercadito when it was in the back of the convenience store on Spring Garden, so he deserves some credit, too.

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