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Nov 13, 2012


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Yes, so long as Erskine Bowles is not involved.


Well, that was certainly well publicized.


RTP was based on enticing people from elsewhere to move into NC. I hope, and I think, that now we can build on the RTP idea with local talent.

Not that we should shut the door on anyone. Housing prices are still way below Marin County's.


Some years ago, a local high school teacher lamented that all the guys wanted was a deer gun, a truck and a doublewide. Somewhere along the line, maybe more so in the rural communities, people have lost the desire to reach their fullest potential. Modern day icons include bush men from Louisiana who get rich making duck calls. All our focus is on the bling and not on self improvement. And it's defeatist in that the odds of replicating that kind of success are similar to winning the lottery. Nope, NC is not ready to extrapolate RTP's success much beyond I-40/85.

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