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Nov 12, 2012


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Worst person on the internet

DAYYY-ummm! My balls would be up to my throat.

Ed Cone

He managed to look unconcerned on deck. I'll find out at Thanksgiving what was going through his mind.

I never minded heights and was generally willing to jump off things if my friends were doing it, but, as you say, day-um.


Ain't nothin' like study abroad.

Bill Yaner

Life takes an important dimension when we risk it. Youth understands that but as we grow older we dismiss that dimension as "too dangerous.". Our loss.

Mad Dog

"and all I got was this lousy Visa bill."

C'mon, Ed. I thought you learned about that father thing a long time ago. But it doesn't last forever. My oldest is 40 and I still have a tough time with role reversal when he picks up the tab for dinner. I thought I was always supposed to pay the bills.


Bill Bush

Ed, that photo is a lot better than a t-shirt!


Great picture and kid. Does he take after Mom or Dad?

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