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Nov 07, 2012


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Account Deleted

I saw a stat last night that said 65 percent of voters support a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants while some tiny percentage favored self-deportation.

A smart group of leaders would deal with immigration reform in the first half of next year no matter what barriers to the tax rates/fiscal cliff issue are erected by the GOP.

sean coon

a smart GOP would lead that charge, jeff, but i just don't see them doing so. self-preservation doesn't seem to kick in for that party, even when only a foot away from the edge of a steep cliff.


If nothing else, the GOP can't declare that they're going to Just Say No to keep Obama from being reelected in four years.


jc - That's what I've been pinning hopes on. That maybe the GOP, not seeing a real Democratic threat to take the White House in four years, might want to be seen helping to govern for a little while.

I mentioned to a friend that I expect a Republican pres in four years and he said with current demographic trends he expects NC and Texas to turn blue by then.

Account Deleted

I was thinking the same as Thomas. Perhaps Ryan is forced to move to the center on fiscal issues to further his career at the national level. Perhaps Rubio is forced to take the lead on immigration policy to make a name for himself.


All Obama, Reid and Pelosi need are at least 5 moderate Republican Senators and about 16 moderate Republican Representatives who will vote with the democrats to get things done. If the R's are determined to continue voting as a block, then compromise will be doomed. Hopefully, some R's see the writing on the wall (in re: future political fortnes)and are willing to move away from the Norquist pledge.

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