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Nov 29, 2012


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Yup. Ran into similar issues last week. Even flights in and/or out of Raleigh and Charlotte are suckish. We got $386 from LGA to PITI and back. Last year it was $250+. Good thing gas prices are going down, huh.

Ed Cone

High prices I'm used to. But nearly $1,400 for a round trip to New Jersey? That's more than 2x the highest price I can remember to the NY region from GSO, and more than 3x what it costs to fly to LGA for the same dates.

Jim M

Ever since US Airways pulled their non-stop to EWR it's been outrageous. I just flew to Vegas cheaper than I flew to EWR in June and it's about 1,400 miles farther.

Did you check US Airways to PHL? They sometimes have decent fares. Sometimes even RDU-EWR has a good fare. But generally the LGA is the lowest fare because there's competition in that market.

Ed Cone

Thanks, Jim. I need a non-stop for this trip, but we have gotten some OK prices to and from Philly this fall.

EWR probably doesn't make much sense for me anyway, as I'm going to the Wall Street area, I just wanted to scope out possible alternatives to LGA.

RDU-LGA was a lot cheaper than GSO-LGA when I priced my last commute a few weeks ago, but this time GSO looks OK on that route.

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