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Nov 19, 2012


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While I do see the humor in the Melville reference, I hate the thought of being type-cast. We go after other big fish too, and even the occasional shrimp.

Ed Cone

But you guys are peeling the cassock, right?

The larger point stands: Pope the Kingmaker has been sunlighted in detail. Whatever additional value lies in that strategy seems incremental, barring some revelation of major illegality or wrong-doing.

So the question is, what next? And, also, who is going to do it?


IMO, shining the light on Pope is probably more important now than ever. He was able to insinuate 13 of his people into Legislative positions after the 2010 election, and this time he's taking an active role himself, starting out with McCrory's transition team.

He's probably never been this close to influencing policy and statute in his life, and that includes his years as a Representative in the NC House. So yeah, even if everybody else decides to look away, we'll still be watching and ranting.

Andrew Brod

I don't think the suggestion was to look away, but to identify an action plan that will bring NC Democrats back to relevance. Shining light on Pope won't cut it.


There's been some activity on the fixing the NCDP front, as well, although a lot of that is another chapter in a previous argument which probably won't be settled until a new Chairman is elected. Meh, it probably won't be settled then, either.

Ed Cone

No disrespect to the good work done to date, and yes it's important to keep tabs now that the machinery is in power, just saying that a counter-strategy exists and has been tested successfully more than once at the national level. It's not an either/or, it's an and.

Account Deleted

Steve raised some good points over at BlueNC about the Dixiecrats and the rural/urban divide. Democrats in Name Only in rural areas may give the party an inflated sense of ability these days. For instance, in 2008 local Democrats in the Rock managed to sweep the county commission race despite the county going solidly for McCain. This time they lost two of three and would have been swept but for the fact that one of the candidates was a major name and previously served two terms.

I think they days of the Yellow Dog in the rural parts of the state are over.

NCDP will be at a severe disadvantage in state legislative politics for a long while.

Ed Cone

All the more reason to maximize intelligence and tune the GOTV effort.


I'd wager more than 9 of 10 people in the state have no clue who Art Pope is, so bashing him, however deservedly, has limited vote-getting potential. Emulating him -- finding a rich sugardaddy who likes Dems -- seems a better idea.


We want to emulate Art Pope? Rove's PAC ads backfired when people got wind of the fact that they were inaccurate and race-baiting to boot. Not more sunlight, not a sugar daddy, but a better informed electorate is the goal. I'm not sure mo money is the answer.

Steve Harrison

"...just saying that a counter-strategy exists and has been tested successfully more than once at the national level."

I don't disagree with that, Ed. Unfortunately, there seems to be a not insubstantial element in the NCDP who would sever all ties to the national party if they could, and (for some strange reason) think OFA is to blame for all of our woes.

Until the Party can come together and talk about things that exist in this reality, I fear we won't see any effective initiatives.

Andrew Brod

That's all very weird. OFA is only the most successful campaign operation in recent memory.

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