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Nov 13, 2012


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The whole thing just demonstrates again what we've always known: with their propensities for promiscuity and infidelity, and the consequent risk of extortion, straight men cannot be trusted with national security.


The love triangle is now a love dodecahedron. And if your gossip news needs a flow chart, you're doing it wrong.

Jenna Talia

The sex part isn't the real "scandal". It shouldn't be anyhow considering the prevalence of infidelity nationwide. Pretty much standard fare. But there does seem to be many angles to be explored. There are two parts: the "Real Housewives of The Military Brass" reality show aspect, and the more serious concerns about the time frame of disclosure and national security.

Google image search, right click and save may not be the best strategy for the media to research.

David Hoggard

I restored some windows next door to Patraeus' mistress house in Dilworth last year. Wanted to go ahead and get in front of it since Hartzman hasn't yet reported my involvement.

I'm expecting a visit from the FBI any day now.

Worst person on the internet

Are you THE Dr Jenna Talia?

David Hoggard

Where DO you find this stuff?

Worst person on the internet

I have a metal plate in my head tuned to Howdy Doody and Dr Demento at all times. Gabby Hayes was my great uncle.


"I have a metal plate in my head tuned to Howdy Doody......."

That's why you comment here. The resident Peanut Gallery reminds you of back then.

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