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Oct 05, 2012


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Reminds me of when one of our brilliant leaders questioned the proposed location of Kernodle Middle School in the flight path of planes landing at PTI because one of them might fall out of the sky.

Peggy Hickle

Omigosh -- I've never been more proud to be from Houston than I am in this moment. ;) Bless his heart....


bless his heart, indeed... god, i love that saying. haha.

Ken Hill

A fire requires 3 things: 1. Fuel, 2. Oxygen, 3. Ignition. The propane is fuel. If leaking, it mixes with oxygen. But only certain mixture ratios of propane and oxygen are capable of being ignited by a spark. A mixture too rich with propane or too lean will not ignite. A leaking tank will not explode because there is no oxygen inside. But the leaking propane can usually be ignited and will burn like a blowtorch after the accumulated gas in the area is burned away.
The Gatling gun burst the tank open and the incendiary rounds ignited it as it mixed with oxygen. What we saw was a very large and rapid fire, not an explosion. The tank did not explode.

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