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Oct 03, 2012


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I think it's the people handling his direct mail operations and judging from their behavior, it's possible they're the ones actually handling his campaign.

This year alone, I've received a total of thirteen Mitt Romney pictures - all "signed" by the man himself. It's always the same picture of Mitt dressed in a white shirt and blue jeans, standing in front of an old barn with an American flag above the wooden doors. He's sporting that Churchill-like pose of forward-looking confidence and bravery.

I don't know how much it costs to manufacture and then mail these things, but there's no way I'm the only one who received this many. One was already too much because I've no intention of ever framing, much less hanging a picture of a politician in my home - unless it's a portrait of my favorite U.S. President, William Henry Harrison.

I dare say there are far better ways to spend money on a direct mail campaign. The cornball pictures aren't all I've gotten either. I've received four bumper stickers (In the past I've had to pay for them or make a donation to the candidate's campaign.), three "Romney For President" window posters, and daily letters asking for cash. All of this from a guy I've been planning to vote for all along. It all seems like a huge waste of money. Not to mention, Romney's trying to unseat a president who he says is spending money with reckless abandon. Well, the spending arm of his campaign isn't exactly practicing fiscal prudence. Should Mitt find a way to win in November, I really hope he doesn't put these goons on the government payroll.

Account Deleted

Prell - I've received at least five or more of the photos. I've received about one piece a mail a day from the Romney campaign over the summer. I received four pieces of Romney mail in one day last week. I had thought about doing a multimedia piece with the mail but I never did get around to it. I've thrown them away unopened since at least July.

I do read McCrory's mail.


$100M from the Koch brothers apparently bought Ichabod for Elmer Fudd.

formerly gt

Huh. I've received none, but I have been solicited by the Obama campaign.


So you are a partisan...?


I got pitches from the DNC in 2008, over Howard Dean's "signature". Except for a few "Occupant" mailings from local types. I haven't received a single piece of political mail. Or any phone calls.

It's kinda nice.

Bill Yaner

I get solicitations from wildlife federations, not political parties. They've got me nailed.

Fred Gregory

Who TF cares ? Really !!

Bill Yaner

The wildlife federations.

Mad Dog


Did the letter come from East Aurora, New York?


Ed Cone

A unified theory of my life's mysteries. I like it, thanks.

Ed's mom

I got (among other Romney mail) the letter Ed got and also the one Lisa got. I have been a registered Democrat since 1956, so this elevation to prominent Republicanhood is certainly mysterious. The more interesting question is that the signature and message in the letter requesting my donation of $78,500 to something called Romney Victory Committee are supposed to be from Mr. Romney himself. Now--if I wished, I could send a maximum of $2,500 to his campaign but I could send an unlimited amount to a supporting organization--from which Mitt is supposed to be at a remove, not signing appeals. What is going on?

David Hoggard

"What is going on?"

Campaign finance reform, I'm guessing.

I've received nothing. Or... my Jinni has been field gutting the daily post prior to me getting home.


It's just an old political trick. You send out mailers to the group that is least likely to vote for you, they get confused and spend election day walking in circles upset because they cant remember who they were told to vote for and why. Known better in political circles as moronconfusicating.

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