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Sep 22, 2012


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Where are we all going to park?


I hope so many folks turn out that the city has to either shut down the festival or shut down Spring Garden.


Looks like some got sold a bridge
by those tasked with promoting a bridge
with money provided by those who bought a bridge.

If Trudy Wade can publicly get accused of using a push poll,
why can't DGI?


I'm going just to "stick it to da man". So I am glad it isnt downtown.


We were wondering about parking as well. Going to be interesting. But hey, its a one time thing... right. Bet not.

Eric Robert

Ed, I was thinking the same thing today...Downtown looked like a real busy city this afternoon and everyone I encountered seemed genuinely happy to be there...whether waiting for the concert or keeping the festivities going from the Tate St festival...Imagine if the businesses that provide live music or entertainment complained about the competition from a public concert downtown...Silly and small minded... our local taste makers simply don't get it...we are not in good hands!

Eric Robert

just a clarification...downtown does want them...I certainly do...you do...many others do, even the ones who do not care , do not care enough to restrict or forbid....the organization in charge of economic development for downtown Greensboro aka dgi does not want them....


The downtown cabal doesn't want the people who patronize food trucks either.


Who patronizes Food Trucks?

Andrew Brod

The "downtown cabal" wants to make money. If they see that there's money to be made via food trucks, then food trucks will be embraced by downtown businesses. Shoot, they'll probably claim that it was their idea all along.


People who, for the moment, choose to spend their food money at the truck instead of a restaurant.


That's just not how it read for me but OK. I thought you were aiming at some sort of sterotype or somethingorother.


"The "downtown cabal" wants to make money.

If they see that there's money to be made via food trucks,
then food trucks will be embraced by downtown businesses."


Know any demographics of where it's working?

What is the anticipated hit to downtown restaurants?

Is the concept reliant on increased traffic?

There must be a population density factor.

What's to prevent a private property owner
from leasing parking spots in the same way?

If I own a parking space,
and want to lease the spot for a food truck,
shouldn't that be my right?

Are there any non biased economic impact studies?



"The "downtown cabal" wants to make money.

If they see that there's money to be made via food trucks,
then food trucks will be embraced by downtown businesses."

Not so much downtown businesses, but downtown landlords.

Peggy Hickle

Back to that parking question -- seriously, does anyone have suggestions? As a downtowner, I have about about 14,000 answers to that question for downtown, but that Spring Garden area is a puzzler for me. I'm wondering if some of the other 1,000 some odd folks like me who "joined" the event on Facebook in support of the idea will actually be too intimidated by the parking situation to attend.

Ironically -- isn't this how the rest of GSO feels about coming downtown?

David Wharton

I plan to park on the street in Lindley Park and have a nice walk.


peggy, iheard the commerce place location could be good for lunch but not not dinner. thoughts considering the rules? if u have to take what comes... could some net twice the tax?

Peggy Hickle

Good question, Hartzman -- I think it's true that Commerce Place is probably a great lunch location, unless, of course, like me, you're at the complete opposite end of the 99 blocks most of the time. (I, personally, would LOVE to see them show up at Eric Robert's place, or in the yet undeveloped lot across Lee or in the Sweet Shoppe parking lot.) Dinner, though -- that site becomes off the beaten path for sure. I guess I might have picked four sites throughout downtown and tried each of them out for 2 weeks to see where it works best. It would be sad to see this initiative fail just because the location wasn't right.

I think the "sessions" are kind of odd, but doing that does potentially provide more variety in the trial, and if the Commerce Place site doesn't work for dinner, there's an opportunity to identify a better site for that. The potential to have a lunch site and a different dinner site kind of appeals to me. As does a different site each week. I'd like to see this spread out through more of downtown.

I think the important logistical issues are being dealt with in these rules -- trash, waste water, grease, noise, etc. I just would like to see consistent rules -- and enforcement -- for all mobile food units. From my experience, the Food Trucks are already more in line with the rules than most of the push carts that are not on trial.


Actually got a great (legal) parking spot on Granite within a block or so. A lot of folks showed up including at least one council woman.

Gee, some of us dont even live or work downtown but will still show up to the trial trucks a couple times. There is more to Gso than downtown.

Couldnt even get close to The Chirba Chirba Dumpling Truck this afternoon. Line was about a verrrrrrry long. Same for a few others as well. I hope Chirba shows up at least once during the trial.

The Food Truck Festival appears to have been a huge success. A whole lotta people. Gussy Greek Truck was out of Falafal by 5:30 or so. Crowd seemed pretty damn big. And jovial. A lot of waiting in line and more than a little food, drink, music, etc.

Pretty cool. Homerun. And downtown had nothing to do with it. Even cooler. And we left early!


I left before the bands started playing at the Blind Tiger.

Saw the Blues band across the street
down behind the coffee house.

Huge crowds.

Saw Don Vaughan playing pool at Blind Tiger.

Brian Clarey in mid street.

The Fribushes.

Rich Lerner.

Walrus was the 2nd band.

Long lines for food.

As if it was a protest to wait,
meaning it was with purpose.

Great time.


I had little people with me (plus adult children) so we went early. We got there right at 4pm and got a parking spot at the florist just across the street from the food trucks. There were already lots of people there, but the lines weren't very long yet. By the time we left, the whole area was crowded and it was standing room only down by Blind Tiger. We enjoyed the food and the atmosphere. The girl with the hula hoop was a big favorite of the kids. My only complaint was having to cross the street a few times with the children. We'd just come from the Greek Festival where GPD was directing traffic and there were cones and fences up. The busy street running through the Food Truck Festival was a little unnerving. I'm hoping that the food trucks will move downtown to an area like Commerce Place where we can visit them all without dodging traffic. All in all, we had a great time and would love to do it again.


Sounds like we were all there at about the same time.

I'm hoping the food trucks find good "homes" here in town. I dont care if they are inside the CBD or not. I imagine the food trucks do though. I'll have to drive wherever they set up shop. And I will. Gso need not screw this up. All in all I think Gso needs to just get out of the way and everything will be fine.

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