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Sep 23, 2012


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Locational Differences in Profitability

• Food carts within the CBD are more profitable than
those outside of the CBD: vendors operaƟng within
the CBD were more likely than those operaƟng outside
to agree or strongly agree that the food cart has been
a good way for them to support themselves and their
families (77% compared to 43%). Of the vendors
operaƟng within the CBD, 48% reported being able to
save money, whereas of those outside the CBD, only
26% agreed or strongly agreed.

• Finding a site is a challenge: 52 % of cart owners
responded that finding a site for their cart was a
challenge to begin their businesses.

"Most customers walk to food cart sites:
65% of customers indicated that they walk to food carts.

62% of all sites have a crosswalk to the site.

• Sites tend to have good pedestrian access:
76% of sites are located on streets where the speed
limit is less than 30 MPH.

Only 9% of respondents in the public survey
indicated that pedestrian sidewalk clearance is a

Many vendors enter the food cart business
(rather than another industry)
because of a desire for independence, flexibility,
and as a steppingstone for opening their own restaurants:

across the city, vendors most frequently cite a desire for independence
as important for entering the cart industry (68%).

independence, a desire to have one’s own restaurant,
wantng to be a cook, and a desire for flexibility
were all frequently cited goals (46%, 23% and 20% overall, respecƟvely).

• The majority of cart owners value geƫng by independently over profits:
47% of vendors answered “able to get by independently”
when asked how they would measure if their business is successful,
whereas only 26% answered “profits.”

Forty-seven percent also answered “many

Other measures of success included using local produce for a majority of food,
being happy on a deep and interpersonal level, and
making people happy.
Food truck competition in Greensboro
seems to be brick and mortar restaurant owners
but especially the property owners that collect the rent.

Many of these property owners finance an overwhelming majority
of our local political campaigns.
On how much a food truck costs.





I've spent a lot of time and money over the years trying to get into Eric Clapton's solo material. I grew up listening to Blind Faith, Cream, and Derek & the Dominos, and still get them to this day. For whatever reason, I've never been overwhelmed by his solo work, and I can't even stomach his post-sobriety stuff. His autobiography is fascinating, however. There exists a really creepy cover of that song though, sung acapela by Phil Lesh and his two sons. Just imagine Lesh's voice along with two prepubescent boys and well, you get the idea.


Slowhand was OK.


Went to the festival around 6:30. People everywhere. 45 min. wait for food. Several trucks sold out of various things and were scrambling to modify their offerings by 8:00.

Saw only one police officer.

It was a great time. Very Elam and Walker in atmosphere, counter-culture like.

Bill Yaner

I like prell have struggled since the earlier days to warm up to Eric Clapton. And I cannot say why except to say that to this day, "Crossroads" moves everything inside me, the volume goes up, the air guitar comes out, and I am free at last, free at last, thank God almighty I am free at last.

"I shot the sheriff"? Ho hum. So you did not shoot the deputy.

Ginia Zenke

Like so many British men, he's gotten better with age, and has had experiences that would make most people refuse to get out of bed in the morning. Lighten up. HE was an honorary Beatle, along with Billy Preston, - you and me - not so much. I never gave him much thought either until I saw Concert for George - most of which is available - sometimes - on youtube.
Catch Wah-wah,(three drummers drumming happily rocks my world), While My Guitar Gently Weeps (he worked with George on the original recording) Something, and Beware of Darkness. The man's got a gifted touch with the guiltar. Even if the songwriting is a little... inconsistent, shall we say, you couldn't ask for a better performer to work with. Wouldn't kick him out of my band.
Catch also Michael Palin doing I'm a Lumberjack - and Tom Hanks is one of the Mounties; it was a great celebration of George by all his friends.

Now for the really BIG news - Zeppelin, instead of going on tour, simply did a movie of its concert(s) in London last year with Robert, Jimmy, John Paul, and finally, finally Jason on drums. And with much better sound than Houses of the Holy. No worrying about tickets, uncomfy seats you won't get to sit in if you want to see, all those stadium/venue germs, although I'll miss the second hand "air". Smart Move. 'Bout time guys - what were they waiting for, old age?

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