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Sep 04, 2012


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I was a bit surprised and disappointed in the N&R. The much bandied about month long trial is a good place to start. So is Commerce Place.

We need to go slow. Our core street, Elm, needs successful storefronts and not failed restaurants.


"Our core street, Elm, needs successful storefronts and not failed restaurants."

Elm has needed those for decades and yet, we've seen examples over the years of unsuccessful storefronts and failed restaurants - all without the grave damage caused by those evil food trucks. I've said it before, if you own a restaurant (and God bless you if you do) and you can't compete with a little food truck, you're doing it wrong and were doomed to fail in the first place. For the most part, the food downtown is pretty meh. Maybe the added competition will force downtown restaurants to step their game up.


Over here today, I saw and heard an ice cream truck. An actual Ice Cream truck. That's my kind of food truck.

Ginia Zenke

Again, where are the bounderies of the exclusion zone? Exactly? We have this lot, see....


Sorry Collards, but full speed ahead. The problem is we always go slow... on everything. Apples and oranges comparing food trucks to sit down restaurants. If you are concerned about Elm, then keep them off Elm, but NOT for reasons of protecting restaurants on S. Elm. If that's the rationale, let's not allow another bar on S. Elm because it might hurt the ones that are already there. If we want to nurture entrepreneurs and create a vibrant downtown culture, then we should move forward post-haste and let the chips fall where they may.


The speed limit is 20 mph in the Central Business District for a reason. Take it slow.....

Food truck limits apply in the Central Business District, Geneva.........


Anybody know how the Grimsley pool discussion went? I cant find any info.


Hey, finally got around to watching the Grimsley Pool discussion. What do you know.... "death by neglect".

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