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Sep 05, 2012


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"Who are they, and to whom do they speak, and how?"

Okay, now seriously, you keep posing these questions about the "mystery." For the third time, make a records request.

Ed Cone

Not something I have the time to follow through on, would love to see someone out there pick up the task.


I think Zach M hinted at it.


Ed, it has taken you longer to write the three hand-wringing posts on the subject than it would to submit the request.


coming soon to a downtown corner near you.


Jim M

Well, DGI is clearly a proponent of the ban. The fact that their "lead post" on Facebook today (9/5) was: "Today, Elsewhere launches SoundLAB: A youth-led project to design an Instrument made of obsolete technology" and not "Greensboro City Coucil Votes For Food Truck Pilot Program" speaks volumes on their position...It's nearly noon and still no post about the pilot program.

DGI doesn't need to attend the meetings and let the public know their position; they'll take care of that behind the scenes...

Oh yeah, has anyone seen the results of the DGI survey that was taking place? http://www.news-record.com/content/2012/08/28/article/city_may_host_food_truck_pilot_program (last paragraph)

Ginia Zenke

Did anyone see the DGI newsletter sent out which states "Downtown Greensboro is the driving economic engine for the community." No supporting references given for that statement.


Hey, I am getting "permission denied" message from the link "here". Just me? I had access this AM though.

Tony Wilkins

Me too.

Ed Cone

Weird. Worked this morning (well, worked on IE, because it's 2007). I replaced the link and it seems to work now.


I missed Dr. Wade's plan (will watch it later) but also don't get the "pilot" nature of the whole thing. Wasn't the teen curfew a "pilot" project as well. I think you either allow it or don't - the restrictions to four trucks on weekdays and - what, no breakfast trucks? is bizarre. I still would hope a downtown private property owner would step up and put as many as they want on their own property. Seriously...wouldn't a nice little permanent set up of food trucks on the N&R property between the tracks and Washington St. at Davie be awesome? That being said, the organizers of the Let's Roll...thing appear to be happy, so there's that.


I've heard "downtown" just about enough for a week or so. But that is beside the point.

Eric Robert

From what i gather, ed wolverton was most agitated last night when he was seen speaking with our mayor and one other council member during one of the break...I guess, council went ahead with the item despite dgi's opposition. It is no secret that dgi is against food trucks simply because a couple of its long,long, long time board members (11 years for one) are against food trucks.
It used to be that dgi could manipulate the council behind the scenes but it is quickly running out of political favors due to the organization's recent stance on some 'embarrassing" issues such as the curfew, entertainment license and noise ordinance . What is good for Downtown Greensboro is no longer dictated by what is good for some of its board members. I also hear that dgi is again going to council to try and rollover another large amount of downtown funds that were not spent last year to support downtown businesses. One has to assume that ed wolverton's days are numbered...progressive leadership, energetic innovation and Charisma can give dgi the renewed credibility necessary to become what it once aspired to be. Downtown Greensboro deserves no less.


Ed, when the two month trial is over City Council will have several downtown restaurant owner speakers complaining about how bad business has been for the past two months and if it keeps up they'll have to close.

Council will exercise a cause and effect judgment and continue to ban trucks while a "further study" is debated.


"Did anyone see the DGI newsletter sent out which states "Downtown Greensboro is the driving economic engine for the community." No supporting references given for that statement"

Who cares? It's a catchy slogan!

Ginia Zenke

brian: Re: "some private property owner would step up..." how does 20,000 sq' of parking sound, on the western end of Washinton? Dunno if we're in the FR exclusion zone or not. Not sure its convenient to anyone except gov't workers.


DGI needs simply to be responsive to its members. If food trucks can take out a downtown restaurant, it would have died anyway. Downtown is a brain-damaged business incubator and residential area for hopeless hipsters. That DGI is also dysfunctional is merely appropriate.


if robbie is the leasing agent for a downtown property that houses a restaurant, how could he vote on it? if nancy hoffman now owns commercial property that may compete with the trucks, how can she vote on it? i heard the lease for nico's is pretty damn high.


how many restaurants does nai deal with in commercial properties?


I give up. How many?


i dont know roch.

but if it is one or more,
how can he vote on a competative ordinance with no concern on your part?

do u just protect your sponsors?

why do you like pointing out pagerism
but have no problem pointing out conflicts of those you cow tow to?


I have mixed feeling about this issue. Part of me agrees with food truck operators having the right to open up shop downtown. But the effect on existing restaurants is a little concerning. Downtown is growing but the center-city can only support so many restaurant/food establishments and the convenience of food trucks could hurt restaurants. Also from a visual point of view, it doesn't look attractive seeing food trucks set up all over downtown.


George, what? I'm pointing out conflicts of those I kowtow to? I cannot make any sense of that; seems a self-contradictory absurdity.


" Downtown is growing but the center-city can only support so many restaurant/food establishments "

If it's the government's role to regulate that, why aren't they limiting the number of restaurant/food establishments downtown?


not pointing out conflicts roch.

u seem to only mention issues
where those in local power
don't really have any involvement.

u don't seem capable for some reason.

does robbie have a conflict or not,
in your uncensored opinion?


Most of the food trucks I've seen on TeeVee and online seem pretty cool looking. Nor do I believe they will be "all over downtown".

I, for one, might venture downtown at lunch to
hit a/some food trucks. At least occasionally. I also seriously hope some of the food trucks might find some suitable non-downtown sites. Like El Azteca has done.

But I also believe few trucks will operate w/o some sort of access to the downtown lunch bunch.


Your impressions do not align with reality, George. I'm perfectly capable of and willing to confront "local power," and will remind you that the last time I did, you sprang to defend (one might say kowtowed to) the official in question by impugning me as an extortionist. Remember that, Mr. Righteous?

What I am incapable of is impugning people with innuendo. I don't know if the mayor has a conflict. I'm interested, but I'm not going to imply he does just because I don't have an answer.


you just said nothing roch. lotta words but no content.

man up.

u can't call out plagerism and not call out conflicts of those u support.

a bit hypocritical no?

if u are going to step out on one item and cower on another, how are u not blatantly full of excrement?

maybe u can convince ed to ban me here like 101, then your censorship may play out to your favor, u being kind of georing like and alll.


roch, i believe u tried to extort billy yow into paying u for billyow.com.

as i recall u admitted in convoluted terms.



George, you are entitled to your confusion. The extent to which you deserve a response will be decided by the substance of your comments, as you may have noticed.


u just said nothing again.

as expected i suppose from someone who can't confront their own complicity.

the issue is whether robbie has a conflict because he is the leasing agent for a restaurant downtown.

this is a known known.

robbie voted on the food trucks item.

robbie lives in the building with the restaurant.

u not offering an opinion is profound.

i think it means u are part of the problem.

i also think u lack courage.

Andrew Brod

George, perhaps you could ask the UNC School of Government for an opinion whether this rises to the level of a conflict of interest. My guess is that it doesn't, but why not ask an expert?

Please don't tell me that you think the SOG is compromised.

By the way, don't ask SOG about the mayor living in a building with a restaurant.


good idea andrew.

i feel like the city attorney, who can be fired at will by council, is forced to be something of a yes man.

tbs, think he is a pretty sharp tack who is relatively aware of my other current proclivities.

i found out that the state level ethics commission doesn't deal with local government issues.

it seems that the sog is essentially the ethics commission for city and county govs.

apparently the title doesn't give the impression of the value of the judgements they provide.

definitely the next stop.

the local fbi office seems very interested in the trebic issue.

i ran into an agent unexpectedly informed and interested in the local, after discussing other non related subjects.

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