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Sep 24, 2012


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Andrew Brod

I'm sure that if downtown merchants don't want a vibrant and friendly atmosphere, the folks at Spring Garden and Chapman, as well as other places around town, will be only too happy to save them the trouble.


I predict "they" will screw it up for the downtown with .... a compromise heavily slanted to protect brick and mortar restaurants in the downtown area. But I truly hope the food truckers learned a little something this weekend as well. Such as; there is more to Gso than the downtown.

My advice to the Truckers is to not wait for the downtowners to be drug along and to .... FIND SOME MORE SPOTS NOW.

Rumor has it that some dude named Eric Robert has an idea.

Ken Hill

A comment that may be applicable, although it originated in a somewhat different context: "Talent tends to go where it is appreciated".


Still laughing over the reporter asking if the foot traffic hurt business.

Right about dark last night it took my son a 20 minute wait in line for a beer at Sessions.

On another note, I can't think of a finer use for Dave Shepperd's old building, they've done a great job with it.


Food trucks are the only thing I can see revitalizing the area of Elm St. south of Lee. Don't know if the same volume of crowds will cross but there's a chance it might work.

It will be up to the Food Truckers themselves as to if it's going to work out for them there.


One thing that made yesterday such a success was the immediate proximity to BEER. South Elm a block past Lee might was well be in a dry county for pedestrian traffic.

Question: Is there a ban on public drinking in Greensboro?

Ken Hill

Are adequate toilet facilities in the area? Remember that a sadist is the person who would lock the bathroom door on the night of a beer party.


I believe there were lots of violations of "public consumption" laws Sunday afternoon.


And yet there were no arrests, no fights and no trouble.

When it gets to much of a fun time the Downtowners will instruct the GPD to crack down.

Bill Yaner

That proprietor of the coffee house on Spring Garden said it all in his interview in the N&R today. It's all about diversity, people want a choice. That's the chemistry that draws people downtown.

Let it flow, politicians. Let it flow.


Didn't get to go to the festival due to a trip to Zebulon this weekend to see family, which was a shame. Was looking forward to it, but I'm very glad it was a success. As for the whole "downtown" thing, I think lots of people miss the whole point of food trucks, and that is that they can GO ANYWHERE.

Thanks to the power of the Internet and social media, they could have held this festival at the farmers market or even BFE and it probably would have been just as big of a success. Foot traffic is great but so many people are curious about food trucks these days I don't think it's critical. Soeaking as someone who lives in Colfax, downtown Greensboro isn't the end all and be all of the city.

Ed Cone

Ged, exactly. See the previous post under this tag about the regular truck-centric gathering in a California parking lot.

Downtown does have some advantages in terms of layout -- they regularly close the street between Festival and CCP, and people probably like the chance to window shop and bar hop, the aesthetics are pleasing, etc...

...but the downtown marketers need to recognize the factors you cite and leverage their advantages, instead of being passive or actively hostile.


Farmers Market might not be a bad route (for a festival atmosphere) as they have The Chili Cook Off and such. Is alcohol allowed at Farmers Market events? Would that matter much? I hope at least a few Food Trucks start popping up around town as a result of the success of the recent event.

Unfortunately, I have faith in the ability of the downtowners and Council to screw this up. We shall see.

Jim M

Great post, Ed!

Let me be the first to go on record (that I know of) and say that if the downtown food truck pilot is a huge success, it will be IN SPITE of DGI, not because of DGI...

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