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Aug 24, 2012


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Has anybody requested the records that might actually shed light on the "mysterious history?"

Bill Yaner

That gal, whoever she is, does a really nice job with the protest song. I didn't know we still had those.


she can sing and loved her expressions,


Nothing like a protest song with lots of feeeeelingggggg !


The revolving door of failed restaurants downtown will definitely go on the upswing after the food trucks get the go ahead, but have at it, the downtown will never be sustainable without taxpayer support anyway. Maybe we should use some taxpayer incentives to get people to buy food trucks and start a career that will doom them to a life of poverty. Pure genius.....


You have the wierdest, most convoluted thought processes I have ever encountered.

Eateries have been opening and closing for decades all over the world. This isnt new nor is it distinctly tied to the current economy. It is tied to the restaurant life.

Again, you just dislike what others like. It is your thing. Must be a tough life being such a hater behind the wheel of the Bentley.


"Pure genius...."

I sideswiped your Bentley last night, brah. Your parking job was NOT pure genius. You need to park it closer to the curb or in a driveway.

Ian McDowell

JR's thought processes are indeed warped, but she's not a "brah."

Ian McDowell

The El Azteca food truck is parked six nights a week, Monday through Saturday, at the corner of Spring Garden and Chapman, in the parking lot of Fordham's Cleaners. I walked up there a couple of hours ago. The night's special, beer-battered fresh cod tacos, were the best fish tacos I've ever had, and tasted even better washed down with a Mexican coke.

I don't think the El Azteca people are doomed to a life of poverty or require government assistance. Neither is the Ice Queen, who pays quite a bit in taxes.

Ian McDowell

Bill, that's Greensboro's own Molly McGinn.

Ginia Zenke

Exclusion zone bounderies, please? Where are they located?

Ed Cone

The rules apply within the Downtown Business District, as defined by the Greensboro Code of Ordinances, Section 26-231. Anyone know what that means?


Search "Greensboro municode" then read 26-231.


Clearly a bad idea for Atlanta too.


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