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Aug 13, 2012


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Unofficial, but I would put the readership of the usual liberal tripe on this blog at 6.

Ed Cone

As so often happens with these estimates, you may be erring on the high side.

David Hoggard

I guffawed.

formerly gt

i think Ryan vs Hillary debates would be interesting.

Joe vs Ryan... well, the phrase "a battle of wits with an unarmed man" comes to mind.


It's amazing how one can find the time to visit a blog they hate, commenting on nothing, insulting folks who have little or no decision making power in government, and still be "productive" enough to consider themselves "victimized" by the same tax bracket as Mitt Romney.

We could all learn a thing or two about time management from sittinginthemiddle.

Account Deleted

Holy smack that is a large disparity between the GNR and HPE estimates, although the GNR does qualify their estimate of 10-15k by saying "only a limited few were allowed inside."

But the comments below the GNR story go straight to the heart of what people will be arguing about for the next 80 days or so.

It will be interesting to see if the two sides can stay on point over that duration in discussing critical policy details.

Personally, I'm not certain how anyone can with a straight face call for cutting the social safety net while cutting taxes for the most well to do Americans and increasing the Pentagon budget.

I guess these days if you are in those Ayn Randian "marginal tax rates" you have to look out for yourself and yourself alone. After all, they are John Galt.


Since when is Sittinginthemiddle actually doing so? Fess up.


"We could all learn a thing or two about time management from sittinginthemiddle."- Brandon

Agreed, I might also be willing to teach a class about how to get through life without depending on someone else to handle your personal responsibilites and how to over come liberal hysteria.


Like I said.......


Can you can teach me how to spell "overcome"?

David Wharton

Regarding Ryan, life imitates art.

Tony Wilkins

Over 15,000 to see Romney/Ryan. Around 600 to see Biden. {{{grin}}}

Tony Wilkins

This is the Diamond Reo version I was looking for:


So the N&R says 15,000 and the HPE says 2,700. Any other guesses?

Ed Cone

Don't ask me, I'm terrible at this game.


"So the N&R says 15,000"

Did they really?


10,000 to 15,000.

Tony Wilkins

The Romney camp said it was the largest crowd they had spoken to in the country.


"They drew an estimated crowd of 10,000 to 15,000 people in High Point, with only a limited number getting into the venue to hear the speeches." -- N&R

Thanks, Thomas. Ah, the good ol' passive voice in which a disembodied assertion is made unattached to anybody who might verify it or stand behind it.


The reporter tells me the 10,000 to 15,000 estimate came from "campaign sources." I've asked him if they are confidential.

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