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Aug 11, 2012


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David Wharton

It's a national issue.

Ed Cone

And a regional one.


Downtowns are overrun with things with wheels on them. Why fret about a thing with wheels that sells food? Apply the same rules as apply to any place else that sells food.

Still… when you think of a food truck, do you think of nachos or hamburgers? Be honest.


Food trucks at the Yanceville farmers market on Wednesday and Saturday for lunch would be good staging grounds........


My guess is the food trucks are more regulated
than our rental properties.


Collards--couldn't the market have the trucks there under the current rules?


I am not a downtowner type in the least but I am diggin this Food Truck movement.

When I think of Food Trucks, I dont think of nachos or hamburgers at all. I think of the cool stuff I seed on the TeeVee and such.

Cant wait for the festival.


Since the Farmers Market property is a City facility they have the say and they haven't said.


Ed, Thanks for the link. Would you be willing to share a quote in favor on our website? Cecelia

Ed Cone

Sure, Cecelia, thanks for asking. I'll send you something soon.

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