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Jul 03, 2012


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This mistaken vote thing can cut both ways, but to sell out for Captain America?

Account Deleted

Hamilton is a member of the house. The senate voted this morning to kill her $60 million in film money.

Ed Cone

Thanks, Jeff, I corrected my error.

Dave Ribar

Why can't our crooks stay bought?

Account Deleted

I listened to the audio for several hours yesterday and Tillis time and again allowed members to change their votes cast in error. There seems to be a rule that says a member cannot change their vote if it will affect the outcome of the bill.

I'm so proud of the grassroots people who pushed absolute power to the brink of defeat. Losing by one vote on a buy-off and a mistaken vote is hard to take, but the people who fought corporate and political masters of the universe to the edge can be proud of their efforts.

There is still a lot of room for education of landowners and I hope areas of environmental protections that are yet to be shaped within the confines of SB 820.

sal leone

How stupid can a person be, she should resign from her office. It is not rocket science, two buttons to push. They even have words on the buttons, give me a break. We could have a disaster with fracking and it all started with a mistake, how stupid. I know I spell bad at times but I can read, and multi-task.

mark binker

The object of Hamilton's horse trading wasn't killed by the Senate. It merely took a dip in a conference committee. It's a done deal unless the governor vetoes it.


I do not think the hyperventilation is necessary.

According to the Charlotte Observer:

The new law will reshape the state’s energy landscape by clearing creating an Energy and Mining Commission that will conduct studies and create new regulations to govern natural gas production through horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing, or fracking. The commission would complete its work by October 2014.

The legislature would then have to take a separate vote at that time to approve the Energy and Mining Commission’s work before drilling rigs and derricks could be permitted.


Fred Gregory

Damn that's a relief Poli. I thought we were going to be hit by an asteroid for sinning. Quell the hysteria, puleeze !!


Most articles referring to the bill as having legalized fracking. The post above does.

That is apparently not what the bill does.

The bill creates a commission to study regulations necessary to safely mine for natural gas in NC.

Furthermore, a separate vote would be needed to approve the commission's work.

Why is this bill being referred to as the legalization of fracking in NC when it is not?

What do you have against science?

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