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Jul 01, 2012


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“She stood up for our air quality and our rural landscapes, and against this dangerous approach to fracking.”

Strategic placement of the term 'approach', I'd say. At any rate, it's a consistent message from the 'cautionary opponents' side.

sal leone

I say better safe then sorry, I dont think fracking will save this state. The state needs good leadership and fair taxes, etc.

Bill Yaner

The state needs to reinvigorate its 1980's status as an exciting, education anchored progressive alternative to the dumb downed reactionary South. Our biggest asset is the word "North" in beautiful juxtaposition with "Carolina" in our name - sweet, blue skied Carolina.

Then came this Republican majority and their turn back the hands of time Amendment One.

Oh dear.

Andrew Brod

It's hard to get too worked up about this one way or the other given that we now know that preliminary estimates of natural-gas reserves in NC were very optimistic.

Fred Gregory

She continues to merit the distinction of the

Least Popular Governor in the US

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