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Jul 05, 2012


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A guy wants to go to work in Chicago and instead of park an empty car by a meter he wants to use the space to feed others as well as his family during a depression and it's a contentious debate.


Follow the money. It's the restaurant owners who don't want the competition.

Any downtown ordinance favoring food trucks will be restrictive enough to keep the number of trucks limited to a handful at locations that are blocks away from any existing restaurants and won't be public street parking. Being that downtown Greensboro for the most part IS Elm Street, it's going to be a hike to find some tasty vittles for the downtown night crowds.


This link above sorry did not put in a link talks about food trucks in Durham , one guy has a stand alone restaurant and a food truck as well. Durham also bans food trucks a 100 feet from any restaurant.

Billy Jones

I'm sure Greensboro will attempt to make owners of food trucks do the same that hot dog cart owners currently must do. Hot dog cart owners in Greensboro must either own a brick and mortar Greensboro restaurant or pay another Greensboro restaurant for the right to work.

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