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Jul 14, 2012


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Billy Jones

10-20-30 years ago, I remember the food trucks used to park at the rest areas and weigh stations in California as well. They weren't allowed in the actual weigh stations and rest areas but because there was almost always a service road behind the rest area or weigh station they would park there and sell food through/over the chain link fences to truckers, travelers, and California State troopers. The food was never what I would call cheap but it was always authentic regional fare and tasty.


Awesome idea Ed. The problem with the food trucks in Greensboro is finding them. Something like this would be wonderful. Perhaps at the farmers market or wherever. Hope the owners are listening.

Bill Bush

This sounds like the Thai "night markets" that I have heard of. You just walk from stall to stall, buying a serving of each one's speciality. A kid follows you, keeping track of your bill and then you pay him at the end and he goes back and pays each of the stalls you ate from. Friends who have been there tell me it is some of the best food ever.

Billy Jones

Again, the problem with food trucks in Greensboro isn't food trucks, it's the City of Greensboro and our local restaurant lobby. You can't find trucks that aren't allowed to come here.

Calgary Catering Companies

Food trucks are amazing. We have a couple in Calgary, one burger truck that has burgers better than In & Out... no joke. Absolutely insane.


Ged, finding food trucks (where they exist in the first place) is half the fun, I hear. Twitter comes in real handy.

sal leone

I agree that having a food truck festival in an empty shopping area is a great idea, if I was on council I vote it in fast. I know the restaurant people are not happy with the vendors but we live in a free economy.

The idea would not hurt anyone since people would come from all around the area and maybe from other counties. I been to a lot of these things and they are good, food from different parts of the world and the best part is mixing and talking with the people, you can't do this at a table.
Now I am in the mood for a taco and gyro.

Bill Yaner

Each Saturday and Sunday the Piedmont Triad Farmers Market does in fact have a growing number of food trucks set up in a field across from the buildings, though the town, I believe, is Colfax, not Greensboro. Pretty good fresh lemonade, kettle corn, corn on the cobb, etc. And another truck selling fresh seafood is set up across Sandy Ridge Road where you turn into the market. They all appear to be doing well.

sal leone

How sad that colfax is enjoying good eating and greensboro is to busy fighting over silly stuff.



The food stands at the Farmer's Market are indeed great (I live in Colfax). I love the kettle corn and the lemonade, etc. but they're not traditional "food trucks" that serve an entire menu, just single items for the most part.

TL, yeah I agree that finding the trucks is fun, but it'd be more fun if we lived in a dense urban area where the truck owners would actually tweet their locations. If they are, can someone here post the twitter usernames so I can start following them? Would love to check them out.


Food Truck tailgates sounds like ablast to me. When allowed in Gso I hope the operators opt for something similar.

Agreed on the Farmers Market. That is more of carnival food not what I think of with "food trucks".

My daughter goes to school in NYC and frequents a truck called Waffles and Dingus just about every Monday evening. SOunds cool to me.

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