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Jun 12, 2012


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Billy Jones

Fracking, even if 100% safe and done right, would destroy what little Stokes County has going for it.


"...would destroy what little Stokes County has going for it."

I agree. The same goes for the proposed toxic waste dump along the Dan River. I think Stokes County has a lot going for it, though. Hanging Rock State Park and the Sauratown Trail have become our "mountain" getaways in this crappy economy. Priddy's General Store is awesome. A lot of those places suffer from their proximity to major highways and the interstate, which I selfishly consider a good thing. There's also some great tubing to be had along the Dan.


The true fact is that fracking is on its way. The republicans in our capital want it because it is big business. The people are to blame because we vote in the same clowns. I ran for Senate 27 and discussed fracking while others stood away, its on my web page still. The truth is that money wins elections and big business donates so wihout money, you are not elected.

Fred Gregory

Attack on Fracking Betrays Shaky Understanding of Economics

"I am unconvinced that global warming is occurring and that humans are behind it, but the US has the ability to lower its carbon footprint thanks to cheap natural gas. But this isn’t good enough for environmentalists like the letter writer in New Scientist. Instead of viewing natural gas as a way to lower greenhouse gas emissions today, he despairs over its impact on methods of power generation that are impractical, expensive and polluting (ask the Chinese about the damage to the environment manufacturing solar panels cause.)

The author of the letter to New Scientist represents a type of reactionary that I’ve watched take over the conservation movement during the last 20 years. They arrogantly believe they completely understand the world in all its complexities. They know fully its fossil fuel reserves, even as new deposits are discovered on a daily basis. Their rigid thinking ignores the resilience of markets, the creativity of scientists, engineers and inventors, and the progress of science and industry. Their dogma sees humanity as a blight on the world, an Eden bespoiled by the breath of every child or the touch of every human hand, forever preaching that doom shall befall us unless we return to the old ways, whether it’s leaving the village to return to the forest, the city to the farm, or as today forsaking the modern world to return to our barbarous “natural” state of subsistence living and high mortality. Luckily these people have been for the most part ignored throughout history and instead of stopping progress have been run over by it. But they never quit since they are sustained by their faith. They simply dust themselves off to try again to inflict their dystopian vision of the future and idyllic view of the past upon the rest of us.

I have become used to finding such religious arguments in science magazines, but it doesn’t mean that I agree with them or even enjoy them. But I suppose they remind us that even the brightest, most atheistic scientists are not immune to irrational beliefs "


Truthland tells a story that the anti-fracking hysterics just don't understand, or perhaps more accurately, don't want to understand.

I can hear the predictable responses now.......I wonder whose will be the first?


Corrected link to Truthland .

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