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Jun 09, 2012


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Don Moore

Britt's first job in Charlotte; Brad has been there before.

John Amberg

They'll do great.


It's amazing how sometimes you have to take a step back before you can take a giant leap forward.


Thanks everyone


There is a reason you two have been bouncing arouund for the last 6 months -- free markets. They have allowed you to move where there is a market for your show. Oh wait--- you guys did that a few years ago and the station could not remain viable. What was their answer, Radio Free Mexico..Are you kidding me. So what makes you guys think that charlotte will be any different. If people are not buying adds for your time slot everywhere you go, do you really think that it will change if you move to another market? People were not buying what you two were slinging while you were in the Triad. Maybe it might be time to retool your show. You two have to figure out what that looks like. Otherwise, it just seems like everyone's just prolonging the inevetible.. Another slow painful death Just saying.....


It's worth repeating: In radio, the fact of the matter is the personality is but one format change, or one "we're going in a new direction" memo away from the unemployment office.


What is it about their show that threatens you?


B&B are AirAmerica for Carolina.
there's a limited time for them
to develop their limited audience.
AM NewsTalk Radio: goodnight and good luck.

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