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Jun 05, 2012


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The N.C. Department of Environment and Natural Resources in April issued a 484-page report concluding that fracking can be done safely as long as the right protections are in place.

Is there a link to such protections short of the 484-page report itself ?

If not, then a link to the report ?


We have many, many reasons not to believe an oil lobby honcho when he talks about oil, but I wonder how many people in the NC legislature could look at an outline map of the world and correctly distinguish Iran from Iraq.

Steve Harrison

RBM, here's the Executive Summary, and here's the full Report. Some of the protections are listed in the report, but DENR is also waiting for the EPA to finalize its study and provide guidance.

Billy Jones

By stock in condoms.

Jim Langer

Of course, there are plenty of immigrants from India, East Asia and the Middle East who are our fellow Americans. Some of them run the gas stations we use to fuel our cars. Some are our doctors and surgeons. Maybe we will have some trouble pronouncing some of their names, but does that make them automatically un-trustworthy? I think this is clearly an anti-Islamic ploy. The simple expression of "We need more of our own home-found energy" is dangerously cloaked in appeals to xenophobia. Man's transparent.

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