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Apr 13, 2012


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I forget if the wifi at RDU is free or pay, 'cause I've never been able to get it to work.

United is starting nonstops from RDU to SFO in August. Tickets will probably start just below $400. Hope the RTP types use the route enough so United doesn't pull it.

Bill B.

I like free wifi for my Kindle Fire, since it is lighter than my Mac and I can use it to stay up on my favorite blogs. It must be cheap, since Mickey D has been giving it away for a while, and I only go there to use it, even though I do buy a coffee or tea out of guilt, which raises the question: is it really free? Or can I just not take advantage of the kindness of a gigantic multinational corporation? Too much thinking. The weekend is here! Yard sales! Movies! Costco for a truly truly not free lunch!


They need more than wi-fi. I couldn't book anything bigger than a tuna can while looking for my exchange flight. Ended up booking through RDU because a first-class ticket was cheaper than coach out of GSO. Not to mention, they don't offer F.C. out of PTI.

I really, really, want to use PTI... it's just that there's nothing every good (flight wise) out of there.

Perhaps they should just start a commuter service to Raleigh... it would be like, a really, really distant parking lot?

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