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Apr 16, 2012


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David Boyd

“If we ever want to sell our house, it’s going to hurt us,” said Garrido.

If you're worried about your ability to sell because you signed away mineral rights, don't buy a D.R. Horton home.

Mad Dog


I believe that information should have been disclosed by someone at the closing. Also, I don't think this is standard practice either. Any realtors out there this morning? Help us out here.


Billy Jones

This has long been SOP in many western states and one of the reasons that vast tracts of land can be bought cheaply. While not an everyday occurrence, people without mineral rights do sometimes wake up to the sounds of drilling rigs being set up in their back yards with their having no say. It's the way the West was won.

On BLM lands and other lands, mineral rights are bought and sold daily without a thought as to deeding as mineral rights supersede deeds.

I suspect most realtors in NC are clueless in this matter. NC realtors may be experienced in timber rights but mineral rights are rarely considered.

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