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Apr 03, 2012


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Doug H

I see many yard signs against the amendment, and absolutely zero for it.

Interesting, no?


@Doug H: I'm guessing that a lot of proponents either aren't yard-sign people to begin with or else believe, rightly or wrongly, that they'll be accused of bigotry if they post a sign.

Doug H

Good points, but wouldn't conservative, church-going fundamentalist type people see it as a statement of their religious belief? They don't usually seem hesitant to express themselves about that stuff.


@Doug, I think the bigger issues is that a large majority all along the political spectrum aren't yard-sign people. But that's just a guess; I honestly have no idea.


Key point that speaks to the absurdity of Cone's "A new Elon poll shows growing opposition to the awful Amendment 1" meme:

"It is worth noting, however, that the Elon University Poll is not a poll of North Carolina residents, not of likely voters."

Small little matter there, but nothing that can't be ignored when there's a Big Issue that needs to be grandstanded/demagogue, as appropriate.

David Hoggard

"Caveat: North Carolinians ≠ registered voters ≠ likely voters ≠ voters.", might have meant something along those lines.

Reading comprehension is something you claim others sometimes lack, bubba.


"It is worth noting, however, that the Elon University Poll is not a poll of North Carolina residents, not of likely voters."– John Robinson

Makes one wonder who they polled. What was the point of the poll if it is not of NC residents or NC likely voters? Could it be more Radical Liberal gibberish put out to help push a certain agenda? And the usual suspects fall right into the trap. Laughable...

Ed Cone

That appears to be a typo. It is a poll of NC residents, but not of likely voters.

Which, as Hoggard points out, is what I said in the post.

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