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Apr 03, 2012


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He raises an ancillary point that bears discussion - setting the Council agenda. I'm surprised to hear there has been no recent Council discussion of this before its appearance on tonight's agenda. Didn't this also happen with the noise ordinance?

David Hoggard

Spoke with several on Council this morning, but hadn't yet talked with Zack. Glad we are of like mind on this.

The thrust of my urgings is to try to cause something good to come of this. Implementation of the Summit Avenue Corridor Plan has elements that link the WMS grounds and the Farmer's Market as a unit and a destination (as David C alludes to in another post).

Until people start frequenting the stadium grounds again, it will it not have importance to more than just a few A&T baseball fans. There is plan out there to make the place appealing and important again - and the voters approved the funding in 2008.

Let's do that.


Good luck Hogg. I would love to see WMS saved or "re-puposed" somehow. Derby Day still jammin at your place?

David Hoggard

Damn right! Going to close the street this year in your honor.

Mad Dog

Ed, Mick, Hogg, et al,

Just heard but have not verified that the WMS has been taken off tonight's agenda.

Can anybody verify?


David Hoggard

Still up in the air, MD.


Zack's point is well made. This has been off the radar for years. It deserves some discussion before this significant final step or first step, depending on your perspective.


Greg Jackson attended the Aycock Board meeting last week as did the Greensboro Farmers Market Executive Director. A good step, but there are more stakeholders that should have their say, more than just as speakers from the floor.

I assume they pulled this for a little more community engagement. After all it is a war memorial.

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