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Apr 19, 2012


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"Shah-Khan has also served on various nonprofit organizations’ boards of directors,
including Theatre Charlotte, Hands on Charlotte, and A Child’s Place,
serving as board chair for Theatre Charlotte and Hands on Charlotte.

Andrew Brod

George is already revving up his Universal Conflict of Interest Detector (TM).


Here's his Twitter:!/mujeebs

and, FB:

Billy Jones

I thought our interim city attorney was doing a pretty good job.


Any idea what the vote count was?

Mad Dog

"Any idea what the vote count was?"-Collards

I'm sure no one will say because it's a "personnel matter."



He's retweeting Karl Welzein. I like him already.

criminal attorny

ed. note: I'm killing the content and the link in this spam comment from The Law Office of Mark A. Renken, but leaving the shell so we can celebrate the fact that Memphis-area lawyer Mark A. Renken mispelled "attorney" in his pathetic spam ad.

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