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Apr 05, 2012


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The only argument I would say that does take precedent is that the person who wanted to allow smoking at gate city billboards based his case on why did certain non profits and country clubs get exempted from smoking ban while he tried to change his name to say he was a country club to allow smoking like the other establishments did, I think it went to state supreme court but to no avail

Billy Jones

To me it seems their biggest problem would be that like the clubs, the ballpark is privately owned. Had they only exempted government owned venues they might have a chance at keeping this unnecessary ordnance but to exempt a privately owned business from a law aimed at privately owned businesses will come back to bite them in their butts.

Andrew Brod

Noise haters probably consider the fireworks to be unnecessary ordnance.

Billy Jones

"Noise haters probably consider the fireworks to be unnecessary ordnance."

LOL Remember when the ball park promoters were wanting to fire a cannon with every Grasshopper's home run?


I can't wait until the Hoppers have a marathon 20 inning game on a night where fireworks are scheduled after the game. Another neat alternative would be for the Hoppers to book a "Battle of the Bands" concert for a post night game show at the park.

Those scenarios would be fun to watch play out.


Sight pollution will be next.

Wouldn't it be nice if they threw a downtown and nobody came ?


How about light pollution? Lights out at midnight!

Billy Jones

Spag asked, "Wouldn't it be nice if they threw a downtown and nobody came ?"

No, 'cause then they'd want us to pay for it. ;-)


This is a classic case of people getting what they voted for........

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