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Apr 23, 2012


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Thanks. Now the charge will have to be addressed. My guess is Wilbur has another cold, no disrespect instended.

Joe Killian

I don't write the headlines for the Inside Scoop column -- or anything else in the paper.

As to the larger issue: Yeah, that's my fault.

The unvarnished truth, not by way of excuse but of explanation, is that I don't post to the Inside Scoop blog nearly as often as I should (much less often than our city reporter) and I don't keep up with the comments on it as well as I should either.

We make the posts throughout the week and they get compiled over the weekend and turned into the Inside Scoop column by an editor -- unless we're down an editor for some reason, in which case we do it ourselves.

Why haven't I been keeping up with the blog as well as I should? Why didn't I, for instance, read the comments below and someone's assertion that they received their Trudy Wade ad on the 12th, then follow up with Wade about it and update the blog item or create a new one?

Because "Yeah, I know I have daily deadlines on these four print stories that require me to read hundreds of pages of budget documents and do a dozen or more interviews and some complex math...also, I'll probably have to pick up a story or two I didn't plan on this week. But you're going to have to wait on all that, because I have to update the blog and do a follow-up" is not what any editor wants to hear.

This is what a shrinking news room staff looks like.

I'm covering the Wade/Conrad/Alexander race because our staff is thin (and our election coverage reflects that). We're down a political reporter (Mark Binker) and it's pretty difficult to give every (or any) race the in-depth coverage I think it deserves while covering my own beat and picking up stories on other peoples' beats should they get sick or take a vacation day.

Let none of this take anything from the fact that I certainly should have followed-up on whether it made sense for Wade to complain about Conrad's e-mail when she already had this attack ad coming down the pipe. I should have and I have to take responsibility for not giving it more time and effort. In fact, I'll be doing an update today about it today (as I work on other stories) because it should be done.

Just letting you know what it looks like from here.

We're working on making it better.

Also...I'd appreciate it if you'd address me by my (now legal) name. Why is a deeply personal family thing. I'd just appreciate it.

Ed Cone

Thanks, Joe, for the thoughtful response.


"....is not what any editor wants to hear."

I hear you, Joe. But if that editor is serious about maximising the paper's online presence, it's something that needs to be heard.


Joe actually exists.


And remember that the Greensboro News and Record gets well over $500,000 in taxpayers money for public notices in the paper.

Andrew Brod

That's not a handout. That's a fee for service. There's a difference.

Ed Cone

Not that it has anything to do with the subject at hand, TW, but doesn't state law require publication of public notices in a general circ paper with paid subscribers?

Also, it's not like the N&R (or other local papers) just pocket the full amount, they do have some costs associated with printing and distributing the notices. What's their margin on this business?

Joe Killian


I do exist.

Sorry I haven't been able to talk with you recently -- have been underneath it, as you see.

Hope to talk again -- and get to the stories you've been wanting to talk to me about -- soon.


Joe Killian

Update here for those who haven't seen it.

Essentially, Wade declined to answer any questions about when the ad was conceived, printed or mailed on the record.


andrew you can call it a fee for service but i will call it a total waste of taxpayers money, plenty has been posted on this issue at triadwatch GOVERNMENTWASTE

We have seen plenty of states all over this country start to get with the times and completely overhaul their public notice bills which are bills that were introduced well before the internet was ever thought about.

Now we see the local North Carolina Press Association is running these scare tactics NCPRESS

What is their margin on this business, enough to make plenty of papers cry that they will go out of business if they were not on the government dole ask OGI. Your business model should not be on the backs of the taxpayers and this service of public notices can be done by having this available online saving the taxpayers plenty of money. If the program is to share information to the masses then yes weekly and the rhino times provides plenty of coverage all over this county and it is free to the citizens and this law makes it only in paid papers, how ridiculous.

This issue of taxpayers money does relate to joe talking about being short staffed because taking 20% of the taxpayers money given to the news and record should provide plenty of coverage to the people in this area. But we should be seeing more states all over this country overhaul their public notice bills to make it more in tune with 2012 not 1950

Ed Cone

TW, he's not just calling it a fee for service, that's what it is. The paper gets paid to provide the service, and the placement of the notices is mandated by law.

If that model is not yet antiquated, it certainly will be in the foreseeable future. You think it's a waste already. Got it.

But you're making it sound like the N&R is taking money for nothing, which it's not, and ignoring the fact that state law requires the notices to be published in newspapers.

Your complaint is with the legislature, not the paper.

Thanks again for the detailed response, Joe.


Your complaint is with the legislature, not the paper , that is why i am working hard to make this law go away.


Without taxpayer money who will be left to support that left wing trash depot? Exactly........

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