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Apr 08, 2012


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Billy Jones

It's called multiplication. You probably learned it in elementary school. You know, the thing with all the dreaded tables they made you memorize? Industrial scale = multiple units side by side... Something that would be very easy to do IF we still had a 1000 acre landfill site with 500 unused acres on which to place multiple units side by side. But alas, we get 1000 acres of empty promises.

Waste Management Inc. profits from W2E before they sell the energy-- Greensboro could too as every city in the area is in danger of running out of landfill space.

But alas, the only economic engine understood by our "local leaders" is an unsustainable model known as development. What ever happened to great minds like the Cone Brothers?

  Bill Yaner

And yet...and yet, right next door, the City of High Point gets it...and got it done with a remarkable system of recycling. But no one wants to hear this in Greensboro. Not even the participants of this seemingly progressive blog.

There is nothing to be learned from High Point in the opinion of its neighbor to the north. Pity.

Billy Jones

Bill, you've written of High Point before and yes, they really do have their act together and run a great transfer station. They're probably running one of the oldest transfer stations in the world as they've been doing so for 30 plus years. (I first saw it in operation 30 years ago.) Greensboro would do well to take a look.

Greensboro also runs a transfer station though I can't attest to how well it's run. I would hope it is very well run as it was one of several City of Greensboro Transfer station operators who taught my class and signed off on my own NC. Transfer Station Operator's License. But alas, while Greensboro employs many of the top people in their various fields they appear to rarely listen to them.

But even with transfer stations there are many tons of MSW that still must be sent to landfills because Greensboro has been too dumb to realize the following from the linked article:

"The company charges about $20 to $100 a ton to collect garbage and to customers who dump waste at its landfills.

“Based on a typical tipping fee,” the returns from selling fuel and chemicals made from garbage are “pretty attractive,” Rush said."

Locally, tipping fees currently range from 32.50 per ton to $55.oo per ton with the City of Greensboro being one of the lowest if not the lowest. But shippers would rather pay the higher rates than drive another hour down the road because it costs them far more than $20.oo per hour to operate the haulers' trucks. Greensboro could be charging enough in tipping fees alone to show a profit before the materials get separated, recyclables sold and the un-salvageable materials get converted to energy.

But nooooooo, this city is run by absolute morons who are spineless to boot.

Dr. Mary Johnson

"But nooooooo, this city is run by absolute morons who are spineless to boot."

Chuckle. Nailed that one you did, Mr. Jones.

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