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Mar 07, 2012


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I guess I don't find it all that perplexing. Misogyny is and has always been a key ingredient in the Limbaugh formula. Even more important is never blinking in the face of political correctness.

After kinda sorta blinking over the weekend, he's at risk of... losing his manhood in the eyes of his audience. And he figures, what's easier to replace - advertisers, or audience? Who the hell would drink Rush Lite?


Attacking youth is just a variation on a theme. Rush only likes ladies who deem to wear a Rush Relaxer. Remember those?

I remember way back when (when I occasionally listened to Rush), he mocked Madeleine Albright mercilessly when she was appointed secretary of state. How could a woman, he asked, get any respect while representing our nation to certain other governments, especially those in the Arab world?

Curiously, he didn't repeat this shtick when Condi strode into the Middle East wearing her formidable boots.


Today's conservatism got its boost in its opposition to, and fear of, the expansion of democracy that began in the 1960's. That simply meant less power for those who used to hold all the reins. Economically automous women don't fit into their world view. It's no coincidence, then, that conservatives are outing themselves as anti-contraception and pro-Donna Reed.

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