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Mar 10, 2012


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Billy Jones

Good luck Tony, you are a voice of reason.

Ben Holder

and he is our number one salt truck information specialist.


Good luck T dub.

Ronnie Lake

Good luck Tony!

Ben Holder

Grow some balls Wilkins!


Tony is exactly the kind of Republican we should support.

David Hoggard

I want a yard sign even though I can't vote for you.

Being in D8 (I THINK I still am, better check), looks like I can't vote for anyone this go 'round. Coronations are like that.

Ben Holder

just let us know when the salt trucks are ready, ok?

John Amberg

I'm sure Tony can count on the Conservatives for Guilford County to give him a recommendation that is positively glowing; which is how they'd like to see Tony in hell.

Personally I think Tony would make an excellent county commissioner. Annoy Jeff Hyde; support Tony Wilkens. Watching those types lose their collective minds will be worth the price of admission.

Ben Holder

are the salt trucks ready?

Ben Holder

I saw what you did to Dr. Mary Johnson

Ben Holder

I am sure I will be getting fulsome praise from each of you any minute now. I also know that you all cliam to have a mirabile dictu tale about me. I want you all to know that I accept the fact that you all are adoxography experts. Unfortunatley, I see you being very decubitis becuase of that. You all should control your inaniloquent urges and maledicint behavior. Like Tony, I too have ximelolagnia, and for that reason, I support him. We will have a tibialoconcupiscent time when he is elected. Salt trucks, Bitches.


Hey, is Brain Higgins also know as newtogso? If so, what a fart blossom that guy is.

Ben Holder

I run this thread, Tony. Obviously, you are gonna have to deal with me at some point!

Ben Holder

known not know...its typos, fart knockers...you are not better than me...puuhhhhlllleeeaaasssse!

Ben Holder

siiizzzzzzzalt trizzzzucks


I like Tony. Never met the man in person, but he seems like a good guy. I miss the Republican Party; the one that did well here before the psychos in C4gc experienced and tried to advance their great awakening. I'd be more than happy to fork over some coin to his campaign, even though he's running outside of my district (And I'm not eligible to vote in that primary.).


Glad your name is finally on the ballot & you can count on many of us to support you Tony. I know you always have the best for Guilford County - ALL of Guilford County at heart.

On the other hand - welcome to the hellish torture of a campaign.....

blah blah blah

I am so glad you are running Mr. Wilkins! We are now in the new District 6 and are excited to cast our ballots on May 8th for TONY WILKINS! I would like to send a campaign donation to you, where should I mail the check?

Billy Jones

Mail the check to me!!!

Ronnie Lake

Tony, I'm in for a yard sign. Billy's offer not withstanding, where can I mail a check?

Tony Wilkins

Ed, I appreciate you mentioning my candidacy here at your blog.

And a BIG thank you for the impromptu fund raiser that has evolved. The funds are needed and appreciated as this will probably be an 8 week scramble to see who can get the most mailers and yard signs out. I'm told by a reliable numbers cruncher that I need about 126 votes per precinct to win.

A most unusual campaign based on Judge Osteen's decision as many, if not most, do not know where District 6 is located. I plan to post what's included in District 6 at www.tonywilkins.com after I get the 19 individual precincts scanned.

Yard signs are about $5 a piece and mailers are about 2 for $1. For those who want to help you can send a check to: Committee to Elect Tony Wilkins, 5902 Weston Dr., Greensboro, NC, 27407. Any amount would be greatly appreciated. I know from previous campaigns I've worked on that fund raising is the "not so fun but necessary" part.

I'm very grateful for the kind words here and Billy, I know you wouldn't swipe my checks! Hogg, I'll hand deliver you a sign, got any Boston Butt left? Thanks to my buddy Mick, Ronnie, Fec, Fec?, yep Fec (I'll try not to get too excited, fec), Salty Ben, John, prell, Axel, and blah for the comments above.

Ben Holder

Tony, you will win.

Ed, I will behave from this point on. Go Heels!

Billy Jones

Nope, you don't have to worry 'bout me cashing your checks as I'm too old for that jail crap.

Nancy Vaughan

And let's not forget the Yes! Weekly endorsement during the last City Council election (and he wasn't even running).

"We encourage all voting residents of District 5 to write in Tony Wilkins for the seat. We have our reasons.

He’s got the bona fides as a current member of the War Memorial Commission and veteran of dozens of campaigns as part of the Guilford County GOP, with enough connections, savvy and clout to get things done.

And though some in his own party question his Republicanness, he’s undeniably conservative, providing a reasoned and necessary check to a council loaded with progressives. He won’t get his way very often, but we have confidence he’ll always ask the right questions."



Tony, where's your Facebook campaign page? I want to like it and share it on my wall.

blah blah blah


So what your saying is I need to make my check payable to The Committee to Elect Tony Wilkins for my donation and then another check for $12 for 2 Wilkins yard signs and 4 mailers?

Tony Wilkins

blah, thanks for pointing out how that sounded above. I was not clear in my attempt to state the cost to me for those items. In other words if you donate $50 I can buy 10 yard signs for the campaign or 100 mailers. Sorry for how that came across. I've got to remember not everybody can read my mind.

michele, you are so sweet. Where the heck have you been keeping that smile lately? I've decided I'm going to use my personal facebook page and I'm going to post something there Monday. Thanks for sharing and I hope to see you soon.


Hmmmm thats funny, all the happiness about this on a liberal blog but none on any conservative blogs?
Sounds like someone may be a RINO........

David Hoggard

"Sounds like someone may be a RINO........"

Another way of saying that: "Sounds like a Republican who is electable......"


Apparent new definition of RINO....

"Anyone who disagrees about anything with C4GC, et al".

The list continues to grow. Oh, and there is a list!

Reece Coble

Tony is highly qualified for this position. When elected he will represent everyone to the best of his ability. I have had the pleasure of knowing Tony for a good number of years, and there is no better person. Tony is a businessman, married and has two beautiful children.


Another way of saying that: "Sounds like a Republican who is electable......"

Yeah, sort of like his sidekick Axelskater, how'd that work out for ya?
You know when all the Far Left are gushing a candidates name, he's the wrong guy.


"Tony is highly qualified for this position."- Reece Coble

Please enlighten everyone with what credentials you speak. Tell us about his experience in government, what specifically made him a good businessman and how do you know he will represent everyone? I don't want to hear about what a grand old fella he is, give me specifics on what will make him a valuable leader.


SITM - You seem to have decided he is not qualified based on the people who say positive things about him. Is that the kind of "specifics" you need?


"give me specifics on what will make him a valuable leader."



"when all the Far Left..." Rather hyperbolic, don't you think? "CRICKETS..." Quit listening to the crickets and try listening to people instead of hiding and playing sniper with an anonymous blog-nomenclature that resonates with lukewarmness. Tony has worked in several campaigns of those he believed in, something most citizens don't take the time to do. He served as a campaign manager on at least two occasions (no real service to anyone but the candidate, but still showed a willingness to work hard). He currently serves as the most outspoken representative our conservative citizenry has on the War Memorial Commission. As Ed Cone and others have commented, he will bring this same representation to the board. He recently served two years as chairman of the GC Republican Party, where he initiated the party’s involvement in Greensboro’s municipal election with positive results. (None of the 3 candidates have led in an elected capacity, but they are all three willing to start somewhere.) What else makes him a valuable leader? He's not sitting, and he's not in the middle.

sal leone

I can not say anything bad about Tony, he seems to be involved in politics. I like people to remember that he if elected will be a first timer and like all first timers they got to start someplace. The race will be a interesting one.

Just for information I am also accepting checks,lol
I was thinking me and tony can put our names on teh same sign, TONY AND SAL sounds interesting,lol

Tony Wilkins

Thanks for the offer, Sal, but I think I'll pass. Well, because...uh...this comes to mind.

Man, I miss that show.

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