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Mar 04, 2012


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I started reading Scripting News in '99 when I was a hardware tech for a IT vendor.

I read the site daily for several years. After I changed jobs I still had tech-oriented interests, so continued to read for a few years. As I became more of a 'user' and less of a 'tech' I dropped the site from my reading list. That's no reflection on the site, as I think it is top notch.

David Hoggard

The first time I ever heard the term "the cloud" was from Winer. The old RadioUserland blog platform - that you and I both started on - utilized the synchronization of each blog's files between remote and local sites.

Did he coin the term and its usage? Guess I could ask him, but, alas... comments are not allowed.


Completely agree. I guess I began reading Scripting News soon after its launch. I figure Dave has a pretty good backup routine. He should because his cumulative writings will be studied by historians trying to taste the flavor of this time.

Robert Reddick

Learners permit. What's the key for laughed out loud. I too read, and later blogged on radiouserland. Movable Type drew my short span attention, and so it was hardly a season. I remember fighting on every post with code I didn't understand just to get the thing to look like I wanted.

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