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Mar 20, 2012


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I can't believe this Zimmerman guy hasn't been arrested. The "stand your ground law" in Florida is flawed. Anybody can kill somebody and say it was self defense as long as they provoke an attack for evidence to the police to show it was self defense. Witnesses heard the 17 year kid screaming for help.

I also get tired of people saying racism wasn't involved because Zimmerman is Hispanic. There is racism in every culture. Black people can be racist, Asian and Hispanic people can be racist.

I also don't see how Zimmerman can claim self defense when he chased after the kid when the 911 dispatcher told him not too. They should have arrested him on manslaughter charges at first and then as more evidence comes in upgrade to murder charges. Some new evidence has come to light. Trayvon's girlfriend was on the phone with him while Zimmerman was chasing him. It appears as though Trayvon thought Zimmerman was going to attack him so he started running. His girlfriend was smart sensing trouble she recorded part of the conversation. We'll see where this goes soon.


Looks like there is more evidence the killing was racially motivated. In the 911 call George Zimmerman did make stereotypical comments like "he must be on drugs". In addition he whispered under his breath "f__kin coons". Amazing this guy hasn't been arrested.



Also there appears to be two versions of the 911 call. One with the racial slur and one without it. Some are suggesting the Sanford Police are involved in a cover-up which is why they didn't want to release the tapes to begin with. They didn't want anyone to hear those two words.

Andrew Brod

Some legal background.


The reason why "Stand You Ground" law doesn't apply here is because Zimmerman pursued the boy. The boy was not armed and its hard to believe a skinny 17 year old kid could over take a bigger guy like Zimmerman. The cries of help were coming from the boy. You can hear that on the 911 tapes. The boy's girlfriend was on the phone with him when Zimmerman approached him. Based on what she heard, Zimmerman was the aggressor. Trayvon told her a guy was following him and then she told him to run. Phone records show she was indeed on the phone with him during that time. There is also evidence race was a factor. In the 911 tapes he whispers "Fu_king coons" and neighbors have said that in the past he would door to door telling residents to look out for suspicious young black males that look like they don't belong.

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