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Mar 26, 2012


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Bill Yaner

Fascinating. If we thought energy was a basic need, wait until the tradeoff is water. Two thirds of our body is water, and no life on our planet can survive without it.


And only a tiny fraction of that water is potable. And most of that is locked up in polar glaciers. At least it's safe there. Oh. Wait.


The average is probably closer to 3/4, Bill. I think the range is something like 58%-83%, depending on the age/physiology of the individual. Whatever the case, we are definitely dripping wet.

Billy Jones

Water is already a global commodity. Southern California is facing horrible shortages already. Nationwide, water bills are set to jump dramatically in 2012. The mighty Colorado River no longer flows into Mexico. Canada is shipping Billions of gallons of water to the Middle East in scrubbed single wall oil tankers that have been phased out of oil since the Exxon Valdez went down. Local companies are dumping toxic waste into our streams and waterways. Multinational corporations are buying up municipal water supplies and water rights world over.

And I'm looking to expand my 2200 gallons of stored rain water to use on my gardens.

But fracking is coming no matter if we like it or not. The 1% will not be denied.

Bill Yaner

"The 1% will not be denied". Reminds me of Jared Diamond's discussion of the man who cut down the last tree on Easter Island. What WAS he thinking as he did it - and what CAN we be thinking today as we blithely go about pumping mother earth dry?


"Before NC allows fracking, maybe we should know where drillers are going to get the water."

Good question.

Billy Jones

Randalman Dam?

Bill B.

I feel all warm and fuzzy about our chances once some nice ALEC legislation on fracking gets promulgated and passed.

  Bill Yaner

Think about this, folks. Taking millions of gallons of crystal pure water to fracture rock hundreds of feet below the surface, then returning that water loaded with synthetic chemicals to our environment and moving on down the road to perform the same violation elsewhere over and over again.

Well let's be sure to study this process carefully, because it just may be that it's so unbelievably wrong we may have missed that in our excitement over finding THE ANSWER to our damnable energy dependence.

Some day people will wonder how we could have been so blind. One man's prediction.


Looks like this is going to be Hysteria Week at Cone's.

Fred Gregory

From the WSJ:

"The Environmental Protection Agency has dropped its claim that an energy company contaminated drinking water in Texas, the third time in recent months that the agency has backtracked on high-profile local allegations linking natural-gas drilling and water pollution.

On Friday, the agency(EPA) told a federal judge it withdrew an administrative order that alleged Range Resources Corp. had polluted water wells in a rural Texas county west of Fort Worth. "

Take that all you know who you are deranged anti-fracking sickos.

Billy Jones

Fred, That doesn't change the fact that water is a globally traded commodity in short supply. I'm sure you'll be very happy when fracking comes to NC and your water bill goes up.

Fred Gregory


More worry about gasoline prices and less hysteria about water bills.

You are in a corner

Billy Jones

In a corner-- hardly-- I own a motorcycle and a 35-50 mpg Toyota. But reality is this: When we can't afford gas we can walk-- when we can't afford water we die. Painfully, I might add. But hey, I don't have grandchildren so why should I care about the felling of the last tree?

Do you have grandchildren, Fred?

It's called conservation, Fred, and it's as conservative as it gets. As a matter of fact: conservation is even mandated in your Bible.

Fred Gregory


Your hysteria is invincible but your efforts to conserve are greatly appreciated by my grandchildren

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