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Mar 02, 2012


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David Wharton

"[V]ibrant criminal environment". That's good writing.

Ben Holder

Dear Mr. Cone,

I am very honored and somewhat surprised to learn that you have noticed a post from my blog. I did have to Google “turgid prose” and I am glad I don’t suffer from that. I would also like to thank Dr. Wharton for his comments.

Even though I am very honored by being included as a post on your blog, I feel the need to set the record straight about a few items.

1. I do train and have a wonderful personal trainer and we train rambunctiously. I don’t want people to think they can just smash a few rum and cokes and become a neighborhood crime fighter. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication. I actually trained with my trainer, Jen Riordan, early this morning. So, when the suspect shot through the back yard I was already feeling a tad frisky.

2. I also am gifted with the natural talent of being fast. I am fast. Roch (Gso 101) and Bill (not a blogger) were going to the ABC store one time with me (I was not driving) and conversation came up about speed. I took this opportunity to jump out of Roch’s vehicle and sprinted down the sidewalk in front of the Weaver Center. I don’t wanna brag but Roch said he was impressed. Do you know how hard Roch is to impress?

3. I do not drink rum and cokes anymore and have not had one in years. I drink moonshine and on occasion I’ll have a double shot of Captains “neat” with a small coke.

Ed Cone

So the key, beyond training with Jen Riordan and being graced by one's maker with natural speed, is to differentiate between rum-and-cokes, on the one hand, and rum and a coke, on the other.

Captain Miller, please inform your officers.

David Hoggard

I know, from first-hand experience that Mr. Holder holds some pretty fine moonshine from time to time.

(I do believe that is just committed some damn fine alliteration - add that to your next effort at turgid prose, Mr. Holder)


"I don’t wanna brag but Roch said he was impressed."

Impressed as much that you did not stumble and crack your skull as by your lightening speed but, yes, impressed, I attest.


"Captain Miller, please inform your officers."

I think he's under the command of Captain Morgan, as I recall.

Ben Holder

It's Chief Miller! Show a lil respect, boys! Show a lil respect!

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