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Mar 05, 2012


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Par for the course in Laurens County, SC. Two of my best friends from high school grew up in Laurens County. Both were the sons of prominent and wealthy Democrats. Their families now reside in Watauga and Macon County, NC. That place is OLD SCHOOL. There may very well be a slave plantation still in existence down there in some secluded holler. This is not shocking but yes, it would make for comedy gold and I regret that the Laurens GOP backtracked.


Too bad it said nothing about banning contraception.

If it had, the leftist mythology that the right desires to ban the pill may have graduated from imaginary.

Andrew Brod

If the Laurens GOP hadn't rescinded the rule, conservatives would have claimed it was all Ed's fault for writing about it.




"If it had, the leftist mythology that the right desires to ban the pill may have graduated from imaginary."

I wouldn't concern myself about that, poli. There's plenty other myths that they perpetrate every day on this blog.


How's the job search coming, Bob?


"How's the job search coming, Bob?"

Not so good. I'm having difficulty in finding someone who will hire a flaming "progressive" idiot child like you. How long is it before your unemployment compensation runs out?


I've got a job, Bob. I'm not in the same boat. But, your anger is noted and lulz.


"But, your anger is noted and lulz."

Wow! So all those 1099s I got for last year aren't real? I really didn't earn all that money?

Quick! Call Wells Fargo.....tell them those ETF payments they credited to my account are fake!


lol u so mad


Does that mean I can get all that money back from the IRS?

Gosh, bubblehead......thanks for letting me know.

Sorry about your problem, though.....I'll refer you to a few heasdhunters.

Have you got a valid passport to travel to remote parts of Borneo? Swelled heads like yours are highly prized there.


It's good to see you around Bubba.


Laurens County teenager: "Put your clothes back on, Heather. I can't do this. I might run for office one day."

"...abstinent until marriage and never look at porn..."

I'm not sure why that's funny. Isn't that what we teach our children? (If your answer is no, please don't tell me. Ugh.)

Billy Jones

Michele, It's funny because you won't be able to find enough politicians to fill the slots with rules as proposed in Laurens County. I seriously doubt that most preachers were married as virgins, much less politicians. And as to porn: while I'm sure mothers and others don't like it, porn is almost a rite of passage for teenage boys.

It's called a reality check and a law they couldn't possibly enforce-- a complete waste of time and money by any conservative fiscal standard.

Ed Cone


They're not raising children, they're treating potential political candidates like children.

The purity tests would be funny. "We have credible reports about you on prom night, 1978..."

Defining porn for a group that would pass this rule could be funny, too.

Jim Langer

No Swimsuit issue?

Billy Jones

Is oral sex not really sex?

Andrew Brod

It depends on what the meaning of "is" is.

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