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Mar 12, 2012


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"...cerebral announcers like CBS’s Billy Packer..."

That's where he lost me. Packer doesn't belong in the same sentence as Knight and Bilas.


"... braying inanities while I'm trying to watch a game."

You nailed it, Ed.

And it would be bad enough if the inantities were about the game at hand. But he spends most of his time talking about players, coaches and teams that are not even playing in that game.

I'm sure he's a nice guy. But the fact that he is paid a large salary to be on the air is a complete mystery to me. This guy is why the Mute button was invented.


More Len Elmore!


His name escapes me.... I think he is a CBS guy. DOnt see him much around here I dont think until NCAA time. One of his tag lines is "He rises and fires"... help a brother out. Who is that dude?


Gus Johnson?


The best play-by-play moment of the past 25 years in college basketball. Yep, it's Gus Johnson. No peer.



Gus Johnson! That is him. He is good. I hope I catch a couple of his games. I love this first weekend. Good luck all ACC teams. yes, even gulp ...... Dook.

Carolina got hit with some rather significant NCAA penalties today in football. Unfortunately deserved.


Got hammered like the big time program we aspire to be.


20+ years later the nausea still flares in my memory: HURLEY BAYBEE!


After all that .... Gus Jihnson is now with Fox and will not be covering the NCAA. That sucks.

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