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Mar 09, 2012


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"But the trend looks friendly."

Sure does:

“Do you support or oppose a constitutional amendment that says: ‘Marriage between one man and one woman is the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized in this state.' ”

Total Support – 64%
Total Oppose – 30%

Strongly Support – 57%
Somewhat Support – 6%

Somewhat Oppose – 5%
Strongly Oppose – 24%

Undecided/Don’t Know – 6%

I can already hear the sputtering howls of outrage and the absurd rationalizations in reply....

Andrew Brod

I don't know about sputtering. We like to leave that to you, Bubs.

As a rule, I'm dubious when an organization obtains a survey result that's perfectly in line with its own opinion on the subject. Elon doesn't have a dog in this fight, while Civitas does. Having said that, the Civitas wording doesn't look slanted. And unlike Elon, Civitas tries to target actual voters, which gives its results more weight when we're talking about something that's going to be voted on.

So the Elon poll may have identified a real trend, but the Civitas results suggest that the trend isn't strong enough to imply rejection of Amendment 1 in May.

David Hoggard

That sure was an absurd rationalization, Andrew. Could use a little more sputtering, though.

I'll mark it down to your 'learning disorder' and 'business as usual from the self-appointed elitists experts'.

Now, 'stop making sense, you know that's not allowed around here.'


Thanks for the validation of my post, Hoggard. I knew I could count on someone like you.


The real trend indicated is that the more opponents talk about their opposition to Amendment 1, the more voters tend to support the amendment.

Good work, gang.

David Hoggard

Just trying to help, Bubba.

The regurgitation of your snark-infested comments and silly-ass middle school inspired insults are appropriate to any situation.

Ben Holder

I don't give a rats ass who marries who. Life is hard e-fuckin-nuff for me to worry about homosexuals getting married. I don't mind if they do and for the life of me I can't figure out why anyone cares? I just want my city atty to understand basic public record laws and release what should be released according to the law (aint Jamiah silly?). Why do I want this? So I can prove that it is true that Capt James Hinson (he is against same sex marriages by the way) can do anything he wants and trample all upon the directives without punsihment. Speaking of same sex marriages, Chief Miller (against same sex marriages) and Nelson Johnson (against those against gay marriages) sure are cozy these days! Amamzing what 30lbs of weed can do! I'll fight every sinlge last one of you too. I like to fight, but not about gay marriage.

Ben Holder

I'll show you what looks friendly!

Ben Holder

I will

Ben Holder

Can you tell I just figured out how to comment on Ed's via phone???? Gymnastics class is a tad bit boring today and I thought I would make comments on here like the rest of the free world does. Oh, shit I almost forgot! Ed, since my blogging skills is obviously tremendously better than well...everyone...why don't you have me on you blog roll? A lil jealous aren't ya? Come on, you can tell the truth. I mean, you have Hoggard, Wilkins, Guarino, Roch and Hartzamn but no Trouble? Really Ed? Is this becuase my kids are African-American/Cracker? Are you just mad becuase I am not in a gay marriage? Or is it becuase I am...well...better than everyone and that makes you sad?

Ben Holder

I made a fucking mistake! I don;t wanna leave it up here unfixed for Killian and Sue to come correct.

I wrote "Ed, since my blogging skills is obviously tremendously better than well..."

I meant: Ed, since my blogging skills be obviously tremendously better than well...

Ben Holder

I made more mistakes! I am the mistakemaker!!!! I didn't mean "don;t"

I knw damn well itz don't and not don;t..but on my phone there is this lil button thingy that I have to press to get the ' nd not the ;. Like spelling and math, life is hard.


UNC whips FSU in ACC Final!!!!!!!!

Kisses, queers!

"Like spelling and math, life is hard."


Ben Holder

I did that for you. I knew you would be watching. Stalker! Did you hear that the homeless people are selling drugs out of Nelson's Church? How dare they!

Ben Holder

sputtering lil turds can't say shit, huh?

Ben Holder

I told you UNC would win just like I told you the BCC,the Post Office and the GPD had a drug enduced threesome.

Ben Holder

you want some more news? huh? do ya?

8 second pause

Didn't think so...

Ben Holder

I figured if I can't be on the left of this blog on th blog roll..I will just DOMINATE the comment thingy on the right!!! Either way...WINNING!!!!!!


^ +1

Ben Holder

wat does that mean????

Ben Holder

FSU vs UNC..just like I said..Ed, are you seeing this???? I think I made Ed quit blogging..

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