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Mar 29, 2012


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The only rush is by the industry which desires to "grandfather" the technique in each locality before the harmful effects are well known to all.


Where do people think the gas is going to go if it's not drilled today?

It's not like it won't be there tomorrow or a year from now.

Ed Cone

Looks to me like drillers want to lease now while gas prices are low.

A sound business move on their part, but not one that obligates NC to take hasty action.

This is a big deal for North Carolina, and so far at least the state seems to be handling it pretty well.

Bill B.

Some openness on the industry's part, such as waiving the Cheney-sponsored "trade secrets" secrecy of injected fluids, would go a long way toward allowing intelligent decision-making. One of the biggest rip-offs I ever met was a guy who wanted to "help the widder-wimmen" by purchasing their assets at rock-bottom, all the while expressing his great sorrow for their loss. They didn't realize he was apologizing for the loss they were suffering via him.


"Looks to me like drillers want to lease now while gas prices are low."

I think they're leasing now because very few of our landowners know what the going rate (in other states) has been/is. Why wait and pay $4,000 per acre when you can pay less than 1% right now, and apparently not have to worry about any legal troubles from said scam?

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