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Mar 03, 2012


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And this from a good ole Baptist preacher - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Huz6EKC1cc

sean coon

and on point withe the black vote, the Reverend Dr. William J. Barber.

it'll be interesting to see how the message of civil rights does.


Call up George Brooks at Mt. Zion and ask him if he is going to preach about it?


What would you folks say to using churches to dispense conservatism?


This is a basic human rights issue. Churches should stand up for equal treatment under the law for all citizens.


Conservatives should oppose radical disruptions of constitutions using undefined terms.

I'd be fine with more churches embracing the truly conservative act of opposing Amendment 1.

In fact, many already are.

David Hoggard

Thanks for that link, HRH. Good to know that there is at least some opposition to A1 from the Baptist community.

Of course "real Baptists" (Dr. G and others, locally), will gleefully note that Rev. Dr. Stephen Shoemaker's Myers Park Baptist Church had a run in over homosexuality with the NC Baptist Association back in '07. From their appeal to the Convention to be kept in the fold...

"Our church studied the Bible, sought the Spirit of God and talked earnestly with each other for over 20 years to get to the place where we said we were “open to all and closed to none,” and fully welcomed gay and lesbian persons who wished to follow Jesus with us. We do not claim to have the whole mind of God, and we respect those whose interpretations of scripture differ. It is the spiritual freedom we offer one another."

Made no difference... ideological purity prevailed over human compassion and the Convention deemed that the Myers Park congregants "were no longer be considered in friendly co-operation with the N.C. Baptist Convention".

Here is the whole appeal: http://www.mpbconline.org/news_baptist_letter_11-07.php.

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