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Mar 12, 2012


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I'm heartbroken.


I thought Alan Handleman was a waste.

Brad Krantz

Listen, kids..... you and your internets and your FM junk and your fancy, schmancy podcasts and your satellites and your facebooks, twits, and blogs..... I remember a day when we had AM radio...... AND WE DAMN WELL LIKED IT! The Brad and Britt PM Drive Show promises to be just as stimulatingly irritating, with a little static during a thunderstorm and a bit of a fade under a bridge. Deal with it! 600 WSJS in the Triad. 850 WPTF Talk in the Triangle!


Alan Handelman distinguished himself as a stalwart moderate and an invaluable docent of rock'n roll personalities.


So what's the new format at WZTK?



a stalwart moderate

Not during the run up to Obama's election. No moderate would label Rush an extremist. He did.

He pretends to be moderate and his campaigning for Obama exposed his extreme bias.

Alan Handleman was a waste of a time slot.


That really sucks.


Huh? I thought Brad worked for the local Disney radio station?


Hmm....apparently, the new format's tag line will be something like "Aqui se habla espanol!"


"No moderate would label Rush an extremist."

Thanks for the chuckle.

Jim Langer

To moderates, both Rush AND Colmes are extremists.

Billy Jones

Too bad Ralph left town... Brad has been going downhill ever since.


Extremists are self marginalizing. An example would be Keith Olbermann. Rush is an example of the opposite.


Bubba, what I heard this morning was (if I remember correctly) "The New 102 Pulse", with a synthesized looped robot singing a love song to another robot.

Slightly less annoying than Little Rush, but...


Already deleted from my dial. That made my ears bleed this morning.


Anyone you disagree with = extremist. I wonder what that makes the John Birch Society or the Klan.

Andrew Brod

They're extremists.

I think Frog's characterization makes some sense. As bonkers as I think Rush is, the fact is that he's sustained his audience for years and years. It's hard to make the claim that his millions (millions?) of listeners are all extremists.

On the other hand, Rush appears to be in the process of "self-marginalizing."


"Bubba, what I heard this morning was (if I remember correctly) "The New 102 Pulse", with a synthesized looped robot singing a love song to another robot."

That is apparently a fill-in from another of the Curtis Media stations. The updated Wikipedia entry for WZTK suggested a new Spanish language format will be launched.


Streaming's working for me. No static.

Jim Langer

Well, technically, one can always find someone else further down the path to an extreme. So, if Rush isn't Joe McCarthy, he isn't at the farthest extreme. If Colmes isn't Eugene V. Debs, he is not, either. But then, McCarthy was not Torquemada. And Debs wasn't Stalin.

Who are the most admirable moderates in the country now, in this blog's opinion? Among those who comment here, too? I am sure Bloomberg will be mentioned, but I don't know enough about his actual accomplishments to pass judgement there.


I don't trust moderates.

Too often they don the moderate moniker so as to gain the credibility of objectivity when they are anything but objective.

I find information is far more honest when I know the biases of those who deliver it. Knowing their biases gives me a lens through which I am allowed to better understand the information I am presented.

When I am denied that lens via claims of objectivity I distrust.

Give me Maddow over Brokaw any day. Is he still around?


They looked really happy. Happy like men going to the gallows. The little nervous we-are-fucked hand shake by Brad was special. I give them 6 months & POOF gone again, for good.

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